A Devil's Diary

A Devil's Diary

Dear Marcus,

I was on the streets at age 17, no place to live, no friends, my only
concern at the time was to eat, have a place to sleep and clothes on
my back. I was very sheltered growing up so adjusting to street life
changed me from being a sweet young woman into a straight up bitch.
Sucking a dick was fun and fucking is great especially if it’s a good
fuck but when it’s over that’s just about that. What are the benefits?
I’ll be broke and he may or may not disappear. The reality is I wanted
money so I hooked up with three girls who owned trieir own massage centre.
That was the “put up”. They were prostitutes and they were
getting “paid”.

My First Client
My first client was about 6 feet. He had a muscular body and comparing
him to my 5 feet 100 pounds body, it was a big deal to me. He had the
hugest cock, perfect hard and black veins all over it. Just looking
at him made me wet. He did almost everything to me except fuck me in
the ass. He got off at the fact that I looked more like fourteen and
talked dirty to him, telling him to suck my pussy juices and fuck my
young, pink, wet, tight pussy.What made me strong enough to do this
as a job was I am a straight up nimpo and what he gave me just made
me want more so that day I had four more clients. Nikki my boss/pimp
fucked me that night. I guess she realized that she had a prized possession.
That day I made twenty five thousand dollars. Oh, of course there was
(p.d.t) pussy deduction tax. She took thirty five percent of every fuck.

It had been a month and already I was being raped by women. You see
it was like a little cult to make me able to take the big cock men had
to offer. You had to get fucked up. They used their fingers, dildos,
just about anything that looked like it could open up your pussy. Then
came the ganja and the liquor. I was always high. I was waking up in
the morning finding all kinds of strange fucking men beside me, not
even remembering what I did the night before but besides that, once
I fucked or sucked your cock I had to be paid. I became a little sadist,
my piercings, my tattoos, one in particular my aka ” Devil Queen”
with a crown at the top and the Kru’s emblem Q for curious and all the
men were curious. There were times when I had to call security to come
get obsessed guys out of my room. I remember this guy by the name of
Leroy who tried to rape me, after about twenty minutes of fighting he
started crying and banging his head on the wall. It’s seeing the blood
from his head that told me he was really crazy. I had to jump down that
balcony and had a sprained ankle for weeks.

Nikki always went on the streets of New Kingston. I just couldn’t understand
her. We were making good money but she wanted more. She made me promise
never to go on the streets. One night she went out. I always called
her to check up on her how she was but she didn’t pick up her cell that
night. After calling about eight times a man answered. I knew something
was wrong. I got a taxi and went to her spot. There were no hookers
on the whole block. She had either been killed or picked up by the police
(logic street thinking). I went to all the police stations near to where
she hung out, she wasn’t there. I broke down in tears. When I got back
to our hotel room, she was sitting on the bed shaking. She had been
robbed at gun point and got punched in the face for being bitchy.

I had a really good reputation for being a bitch. I got into so many
fights. I just knew that I had my friends-“sisters”. We fucked
for each other, we stole, we shared our men and if put to the test would
kill for each other. I became so attracted to women, I got involved
with Shelly. She was a part of our group. I was in love with her. She
sucked my pussy so good and fucked me better than any man I met could.
It’s funny because she raped me. She was the instigator in all those
nights of being fucked with those 9 inches dildos. Just imagine two
beautiful women slowly tasting and teasing each others nipples, kissing
and sucking on each other tongue while we finger each other learning
about our bodies, pink pussy rubbing all over each other, flicking our
tongues together, 69ing, feeling the rush of warmth through our bodies
and tasting the salty sweet waters that flow. I loved her (still do).

On a Saturday morning I went for an out call. It was some place in
Kingston. When I got there it was so beautiful. There were roses at
the door for me and sexy high heels, red (my favourite colour). It was
a certain person from the British Kru. He had seen me around and wanted
to fuck my brains out and Nikki had arranged it. I got naked and put
on my high heels. I danced for him, I teased him, I wanted him to cum
all over himself, I wanted him to jerk his cock as I opened my legs,
laying back on the floor ass off the ground. I quinted my pussy to let
him see what his cock would be feeling. I asked him if he like my little
secret, wanted it. His eyes almost seemed fitted with tears and when
he came over to touch me I got up and began to put my clothes on. You
see I loved rough sex and I loved men that are thugs. He was everything
I wanted; tattoos, I smell the danger and most of all the money on him.
He said if I didn’t want to fuck him then I could just stay with him.
I did and that whole day I stayed with him. I played with my pussy and
he jerked himself off. He paid two hundred US and told me to come see
him that night. I’ll tell you more next time.

Initials withheld Kingston 8

Life’s a bitch, ain’t it? MG

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