Alter Call

Alter Call

Dear Marcus,

It is good to write to you once more. This is my third confession. It
all started in 2005 June when I was in church. Pastor did alter call
and this cute young lady came to the alter. She looked at me and smile
but I could see that she was married because she had on her wedding
band on her finger. So I said to myself that there was no chance of
me getting her. It so happen that we had a beach trip and she came.
She ask me to teach her to swim. So we went into the water and she laid
on her back in my hand trying to float. When I saw her buff. I said
to myself in my mind, ‘kiss mi raas! Mi haffi get dis yah pussy!’ So
I told her to stand up, which she did. But as soon as she did, she held
on to my rod. I told her if she raise my rod I might have to flog catty.
She just said, “You too bad.” Now I love to suck pussy and
when I told her that I was hoping to get the chance to suck hers she
wanted us to go to the bathroom to do it but because the church people
were there I told to wait till we were home. Her husband was in England
studying so I went home with her. I went to the bathroom after which
she did. When she came out she took out a card pack and said, “Card?”
I said, “Strip mi?” She said yes. I told her she would have
to strip if I won. She said we would see about that.

Mr. Editor, nobody can ever win me in card game so you know I won.
I strip her down to her panty, then I took off my clothes and when she
saw the rod and the staff she gasp and took off the draws. When mi si
di pussy mi nuh badda waste time; a went strait to di pussy mi nuh badda
wid di kiss and caress ting, mi just start suck pussy. She kick buck
then she start talk. “Suck out mi bombo hole bwoy! Nuh stop, nuh
stop!” Then she ask me to fuck her till she forget her name, but
you know when di pussy is as fat as that one -an mi mean very fat- you
just have to eat pussy. A eat her till she cry. I then start to finger
fuck her real hard. She wine off mi finger and a beg mi fi fuck her
with the rod. A give her a good forty-five minutes of sucking and finger
fucking. Then it was time for the real thing. So I put on a Trojan and
put her leg over my shoulder and start flog catty. She start saying,
“Fuck mi! A fi you pussy now! Mi nah stop give you, you know how
fi fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck mi harder, harder!” Mi say, “Lef
you husband and come live wid mi! You pussy sweet, mi want live in deh!”
She say, “Tek it tek di whole a it!” Then I turn her back
way an start storm it. She start grip mi with the muscle and start to
wine and she a fling up di pussy pon mi. Mi say to her, “Mi a go
fuck da pussy yah whole night!” She say, “Whatever you do,
nuh come an stop!” Mi say a fuck her like a mad man, then we went
in the half moon position an a dem deh time deh catty get a beating.
A fuck her till she start call mi her husband name. We fuck for a very
long time because I don’t normally come quick, then I come. And man
was I breathless! The damn gal nuh start suck mi hood if get it back
up. Well it did not disappoint her. It got up and she sat on it and
she ride the iron like is the last one on earth. Then I stand up and
put her legs around my waist and men did I fuck her. There was no time
to talk. A fuck her till she went to the bathroom to vomit and as she
come back di rod in a her hole. We were in the missionary style for
awhile, then we went to the dog style and a ram jam juck and wine the
pussy till a feel sorry for her cause she start crying, but mi beat
catty same way. Then she beg me fi stop and I told her she must remember
that a don’t come yet. She say her belly a go drop out so she will suck
mi. Mr. Editor mi say mi start push rod down her throat an give mouth
some fuck deh. It was like when you let go an hungry tiger. Then I come
in her mouth and she drink it and said thank you. But dem say when lion
a sleep don’t wake him. She said, “Man I did not know you was such
a good fucker. Di pussy is your own anytime you want it.” We slept
the night away.

Her husband is back home I met him and had a good chat over a few drinks.
He even sat me up on his sister. But me and his wife are still fucking.
Wi just can’t stop. She come to my house to get her fuck and I go to
her house on Sundays for dinner and hubby does not have a clue that
I am eating his fish. She said she want to get pregnant and she want
me to do it and of course I will. I just want to say ‘M’ I promise you
to fuck you forever and no matter what happen even if I should get married
we will still be fucking.


Islington, St. Mary

I think it is getting closer and closer to the time when Father
God is going to come for his world.

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