American Dream Girl

American Dream Girl

Dear Marcus,

Sachelle and I met a few months ago when I was in New York. She is
a college student and was home for summer holidays. She was very attractive
and I liked her but the relationship did not go further than just friendship
while I was there. Anyway, we became very close and so when I was leaving
to come back to Jamaica I gave her my phone number so that we would
keep in touch. We called each other a couple of times and talked about
a lot of things and the relationship seemed to be getting better. Our
relationship seemed to get much more spicy now that we were apart. She
told me how much she wanted me. I really wanted her and wanted to do
so much to her too and I could not wait to get my hands on her. While
we were talking one night she told me that she and a few of her friends
were planning to come to Jamaica for Spring Break and she wanted me
to join them. I accepted the offer and in a few weeks I was in Negril
with them. They were only going to stay for four days. I wish she was
staying longer but four days were enough to-do all I wanted to do. My
whole body was on fire and I was burning with desire. I wanted to fuck
that girl so much and I could not wait much longer.

The first night we were at the hotel, she said that she wanted some
time alone with me so we went to a restaurant to get something to eat.
While sitting around the table we were talking and I noticed that she
was not eating her food. ‘Thought you said you were hungry,” I
said to her. She replied, “I don’t feel like this food. I am hungry
for you. I want to eat you.” She started licking her lips and then
started looking around the restaurant. I did not realize why she was
looking all over the place at first but then her next move made me realize
that she wanted to see if anybody was looking at us. She then slowly
slid from her seat and went under the table. I knew what was about to
happen and I really wanted it to happen but not in the restaurant. I
was so frighten and was looking all around to see if anyone was watching.
Anyway, I did not stop her, I just relaxed and allowed her to do her

She pulled down my zipper and pulled out my now rock-hard cock. As
she slowly took the head (of my) big cock in her mouth and started doing
her thing. I went to a place I had never been before and I did not want
to leave! By now I had stop looking around the restaurant. I did not
care if anybody was looking now. I closed my eyes and I was in heaven.
The pleasure was so intense, so out of this world. I was completely
lost in the pleasure I was receiving from Sachelle and I did not want
to find my way. I wanted to stay here forever. I wanted to feel like
this forever. I did not want her to stop. I did not want this to be
over. She continued to suck my cock for quite some time until I shot
my load down her throat. She came from under the table smiling. I just
smiled back. I couldn’t speak, my mouth could not move. She left my
whole body paralyzed. When we were leaving the restaurant, I could hardly
walk, my feet felt like I was walking on air. And even then I could
feel little Shockwaves of the electric pleasure running through my body.
That Sachelle sure can blow. That is the greatest blowjob I ever had
and wouldn’t mind having her around all the time.

By the time we get back to our room my cock was rock hard again and
I wanted to fuck her right away. We started kissing and talking each
other’s clothes off as we entered the room until we ended up in the
bed. We had the most passionate session of love making that night. That
night was so great. She sat on my cock and rode me for about half an
hour, after which she gave her pussy to me from behind. I slowly forced
my cock into her pussy and started pumping. Her pussy was just right
and I fucked her well. We fucked in almost every position that night
for at least one hour, then I came. After she had come several times
we made love every day and night for the four days. On the day before
she left, we were in the pool and she said she wanted to fuck. She reach
in my shorts and pulled out my cock. I pulled away the crotch of her
swimsuit bottom and forced my cock into her tight pussy. She wrapped
her leg around me and we were there fucking away, not caring if anyone
might realize what we were doing. We fucked anywhere our passion took
control. When it was time for them to leave, I went with then to the
airport. While waiting on their flight, Sachelle asked me to go with
her to the bathroom. I knew what was about to happen. She told me she
wanted to feel me inside her one more time before she went away. She
kneeled down in front of me and took my cock in her mouth and started
sucking it. Afterwards, I pulled her short skirt up over her ass and
pushed my cock up into her pussy. I forced my big cock all the way up
into her pussy and started pumping really hard. I gave it to her rough
and wild in the bathroom. She was moaning and screaming but I didn’t
stop. I didn’t care if anybody heard us. I continued fucking until I
came. When we went back to where the others were the flight was still
not ready. However, soon after that, the flight was ready and so we
didn’t get to go back to the bathroom like she wanted for one more fuck
session. Before she left she told me that she loved the way I made her
feel and she love the way I fucked her and that the past days were the
best sex she ever had and that she can’t wait to hook up with me again.
I let her know that I felt the same way about her, that the past days
were the best sex I ever had and 1 loved the way she makes me feel and
I can’t wait to hook up with her again.

We talk over the phone regularly and I’m planning to go to New York
when she is home for the coming summer. She
says she is currently involved with someone but he doesn’t make her
feel the way I do and she can’t wait for me to fuck
her again. I’m also involved with someone and the sex is great but not
as great with Sachelle. I’m aching for the sensational out of this world
blowjob that she gives. I can’t wait for us to hook up again. I’m sure
that our next sexual experience is going to be the greatest yet. When
we come we are going to create an explosion that is going to rock this


Initials withheld.
Spanish Town, St. Catherine.


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