Babyfather won’t give me back my son

Babyfather won’t give me back my son

Dear Pastor,

I have called you and told you about giving my son to his father. He came for him last month. He said he would get a nanny to help take care of him.

I asked him for information on the woman but instead, he blocked me from his phone. He refused to bring back my child. I called my son today and he said his daddy was not at home.

So I asked to speak to the woman and she refused. I called his father’s local number, but it only went to voicemail. So I called his international number and he answered and said he was in the US. He never told me he was travelling and he has left my child with a stranger. He is a well accomplished man. He has 10 children with eight different mothers. I only have one son.

This man has not asked any of the other women for their children no matter how difficult there living conditions are. But he is fighting me for my son and my son is five. I haven’t seen my son in weeks. I want to take him to court, but I am not working. My living conditions are poor, but I want my son. I really struggled to carry him for nine months and his father tried to get me to do an abortion. I was living with his mother for a while in Westmoreland when the child was 18 months old, and I moved away because I wanted to get some subjects.

I was living in Portmore for six months and fell on hard times and he got us an apartment in Kingston. I lived there for a year and a half and then I moved back home with my mother. During that time my father and I had a dispute and I moved to my brother’s rotting house. I used all my savings to furnish it and while living there, my son’s father started to show interest in me again and asked for my hand in marriage. I told him it wouldn’t work but he persuaded me. He asked us to move in with him and he told me to give away the furniture and the other stuff I had bought. He was away for two months when we moved into his townhouse in Kingston. We used to have family prayers at night. The night before his birthday, my son and I prayed and this man hung up the phone without praying. I called him back and asked him why he hung up. He quarrelled and hung up again. I didn’t sleep that night. He came to Jamaica and we were preparing for the wedding. We went for a few counselling sessions then he stopped. We had a few disagreements and he asked me to leave. This man has my son and I want him back. He told me that my son said his grandfather gave him rum and my nephew touched his penis. I told him that I will get an apartment so that my son would not be around anybody other than me, but he refused. Now my son is staying with someone he does not know.

Worried Mother

Dear Worried Mother,

I regret hearing about the problem that you are having with your son’s father. This matter should be taken to court, but you should discuss the matter with a lawyer. You need not be afraid of your child’s father. I hope you know exactly where the child is but in any case, you know the number of the woman with whom the child is staying. Therefore, I repeat, talk to a lawyer or the people at the Family Court and they will give you guidance.


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