Caught In The Act

Caught In The Act

Dear Marcus,

Hi, this is my first time writing to you. I wanna tell you about me
and my soul mate. We are together 3 years now and I must tell you we
are now sex craven. When we first met she was a virgin. I always attempt
to have sex, but it didn’t work so I just used to kiss up and feel up
her breast and her pussy until we both wet. You know, maybe it was all
this kissing that inspired me to suck? Anyway after all those kissing
we start to have sex one year and 5 months now. The first time was one
day I went to her place and we were all alone talking until it lead
to our usual kissing and feeling up until it reach a stage where she
always stop me but this time it didn’t stop. I told her to sit on it.
She started coming down slowly. When she reach the tip of the anaconda
me seh she fly off like macca juk her, but me still get fi push it in.
Then mi tell her fi lay down and mi start stab fi bout 3 minutes while
she a kill me wid some craab inna mi back. Then she push me off an to
the agony weh shi did under fi dat deh likkle time mi jus seh, cho,
mek mi call it a day. But the other day mi go back fi har. Dis time
a inna her brother room but her brother room deh to di back but while
my long black beauty was in her heaven we hear 2 noise outta di front.
Same-time we jump up and fix up wi clothes and she gone roun’ a di front
door gone pull it fi di punk come in. But the punk walk roun’ a back
and as mi pull the boy door weh deh roun’ to di back as mi seh before,
me and him eye mek four. Mi nuh know weh him did a think still but mi
never did too fret cause both him and her mother did already know mi
and know wah a gwaan. But when mi pull the door mi belt buckle did pull
so mi nuh know if him realise seh me and him likkle sister did a mek
use a him bed.

After that night it was about 3 months before we have sex again, so
we start do it like everyday now. During dem time deh a one time mi
ever fuck a next girl and that can never happen again cause mi love
my baby too much and I had sex with many girls before and they don’t
have nothing comparing to what my baby has, trust me. She is the best;
I mean the best in the world. Take it from me, heaven is between her
legs. I have sex with her every single day and it never get stale so
mi never get tired of going to heaven. So it gets better for us each
day. Now I even started to eat from that great restaurant that is between
her legs. And she start to suck my push pop. Mek mi tell onuh this-
any man never suck dem girl mi a tell onuh start now and girls if dem
nuh do it mek mi tell onuh; LEF DEM cause if yuh pussy no good fi suck
it nuh good fi fuck. The first time mi taste it mi seh it taste like
fruit basket ice cream. Then me start eat deh everyday and it’s like
it get sweeter everyday. At that restaurant while eating refreshment
will poor down your throat at the right time, when you need something
to drink.

Port Antonio, Portland

You fucking down the youth bed and a call him ‘punk’ pon top
of it? Man yuh nuh real!

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