Chinese Fetish

Chinese Fetish

Dear Marcus,

I have been reading your website a lot lately, so I decided to share
a story that I think is a bit unique. I have bunch of these experiences
so I will share the others when I so see it fit.

After finishing college and tireless searching for a job in 2006, me
and my boyfriend, who had gone stressed out since he lost his job and
applied tirelessly to many local companies only to end up at dead ends
after dead ends, decided that we would move to Kingston to job hunt.
We had relatives there so it was no problem as it relates to living
arrangements. I stayed with a relative of mine ex-girlfriend who had
become a part of the family since she was such a sweet girl. Anyways,
while staying there I applied again to companies in surrounding areas
and had leads and interviews based on people I know and met while being
there, but again nothing turned up. Well, Kerry (my relative ex-girl)
took me to different parties and night clubs in the New Kingston area.
Now, Kerry is a middle-aged girl who knows a lot of high society people
who she never ceased to introduced me to. She introduced me to this
mmmm…. sooooo… sexy Chinese guy named Damion, who was many years
older than me, but I’m telling u, the guy was all I wanted in a Chinese
man, since I’ve had a fetish for Chinese men since I was about 15 years
old. He was over 6ft tall, handsome, have soft hands, nice teeth, muscular/athletic
built and a great body odor (not that funky foreign smell that some
have). We exchanged numbers and we began corresponding over the telephone
a lot, I mean Aaa looott. He turned out to be married to a bitch of
a wife (don’t they all), and was very frustrated and need someone to
be there for him; that’s where I come in.

We went out a few times together in Kingston and he even accompanied
me to my home parish once and we partied, ate out and went to different
gaming, and gambling spots for the weekend while his wife was away.
I stayed with my folks and he stayed at a nearby hotel. I didn’t want
to check in with him because I didn’t want to make a fool of myself
while alone with him and was also a bit shy and afraid I wouldn’t be
able to keep my hands off him. We went back to Kingston and Kelly and
I decided we would go out with him to Asylum but on reaching there,
we changed our mind to Quad. Anyways we went in, ordered expensive drinks
and partied. After a few hours Kelly wasn’t feeling well and she decided
she would leave and I stayed. After the party was over at about 4:15am,
Damion said he was tired and couldn’t take the journey to bring me home
so he would take me to his house and get a nap and he will take me home
in a few hours. I agreed since it was already morning. While at his
very beautiful interior decorated and spacious house, I went on his
computer to check my emails since I wasn’t sleepy yet. I got up went
down stairs after been on it for 30 mins for some water. He came downstairs,
pushed me against the fridge and started kissing on my neck, grabbing
my ass and had his hands all over my body. Mmm… I am in heaven….Damn,
I could live like this! He led me upstairs and put me to sit on a chair
positioned beside his bed. I made it clear I wasn’t going to have sex
with him. He said it was o.k, took my pants off and started to bury
his head in my pussy. Damn, this was great! It was my first time, but
I was saying to myself, “Is this what all the fuss is about?”
I soon grew tired of it and told him to stop, because I thought it should
be better.

A week later, I went to see my boyfriend. We fucked, but, it wasn’t
enough. While I was there he called and my man soon got mad at my very
suspicious conversation and speech pattern. We soon got into an argument
and I used that as an excuse to leave his house. I met Damion in Half-Way-Tree
and he took me to his house. On our way there he started touching my
leg and telling me how sexy I am. He placed his hand under my skirt
and started to play with my clit. I made him indulge as I was enjoying
it. We got to his place, watch some TV and after being there for about
4hrs I I told him I was getting ready to leave. He started to take off
my skirt and he took off my panties, smell them and went, “Mmm…mmm…smelling
so good I want to eat ur sweet juicy pussy.” He threw me on the
bed and slide my ass out to the edge of the bed, buried his head in
my pussy and started to lick away. He vibrated his tongue on my clit
and slurp away. I grabbed his head and pushed more in my pussy and played
in his hair. Damion didn’t use his fingers or anything, he just mastered
using his tongue and teeth to part my pussy and concentrate on the clit.
Damn…I’m getting horny just remembering! He was so good at vibrating
his tongue on my clit and saying, “Mmm…taste so good baby, u
like it?” “Mmmuhhh,” I replied, “Eat my pussy baby…come
on don’t stop, eat my pussy…I love it so much…mmm … ooohhhh….,”
I moaned and groaned. I couldn’t control myself, I yanked his head in
my pussy while I shake in ecstasy! He continued licking and then the
door bell rang. He got up to go down to go answer it, but when he peeked
outside no one was there. By this time I was in the bathroom staring
at my unusually enormous clit. I had never seen it so big before. After
I came out he said, “U were saved by the bell, how was it?”
“Fucking good-way better than the last time,” I replied.

I have had a lot more men and women sucking my pussy, but he was the
best. I got a job in my home town from previous application so, I moved
back. We still corresspond on a regular basis….but we still haven’t
had sex, but I want to.


Initials withheld Parish withheld.

I wonder if it was your boyfriend at the door? MG

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