Creeped out by my stepbrother

Creeped out by my stepbrother

Dear Pastor,

I am 20 years old. I live with my parents and a stepbrother who is older than I am. He was not always living with us, but he came to live with us four years ago. He does not have much education, so we have been helping him by encouraging him to work with a contractor who my father knows very well.

I noticed that he has shown interest in me sexually. He says things to me about my body that he shouldn’t say. I told him that I do not appreciate those comments from him and that if he continues, I will tell my father, and I am sure my father will ask him to leave. A few days ago, after I put on my gym clothes and was waiting for my ride, he kept staring at me. He then said, ‘You look really, really sexy’. When I was passing him he touched me on my bottom. I was very upset so when I came back from the gym, I complained to my mother and she begged me not to tell my father. Now, I am afraid to stay here alone with him because I don’t know what he might attempt to do, so I am asking you for your advice.

I know that my father will not tolerate that kind of behaviour from him. So please Pastor, tell me what to do.


Dear M,

I strongly suggest that you tell your father what you have been going through with this young man. He should be kicked out of the house. You cannot take any risk. He is out of order. It is likely that he will rape you if he has the chance.

Do not allow another day to go by without informing your father and you should expect this young man to lie. He may say he was just joking with you and he didn’t mean anything bad. He must leave the house and that should be done right away.


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