Cum Bucket

Dear Marcus,

I have always been entertained by the stories that I read on your website,
so I have decided to share one of my true confessions with you and your
readers. Last year when my man, with whom I was totally in love with,
just got up one day and decided that a long distance relationship was
not what he wanted any more, I decided that this was it, no more miss
nice girl! No more falling head over heels with anyone, no more mushy
mushy stuff. That’s when I decided to get myself a “Cum-Bucket”,
you know the kind of guy that can’t help but set your pussy on fire,
and make you cum the biggest way imaginable.

It was the Easter weekend and my girlfriends and I decided to go to
a river party in St. Mary, that’s where I met Shawn (not his real name).
He’s a real hunk. Tall, dark and totally handsome. He came over to me
and my friends, introduced himself and asked if we wanted a drink. We
accepted; after all he was gorgeous. It didn’t take long to figure out
that his interest was with me. After a few drinks he led me closer to
the river and we sat in a secluded spot under a huge tree. By this time
I was feeling a bit tipsy, and very horny. He started kissing my face,
my lips and before long I didn’t know what I was doing. He unbuttoned
my top and started to suck my huge breasts. I moaned loudly and he shut
me up by sticking his tongue down my throat, at the same time I felt
his finger slip under my mini skirt, between my g-string and into my
eager pussy. I remember thinking that if his finger felt so good, what
about his dick. Soon I was on my back, naked; so was my hunk. I looked
at him; he had the largest dick I had ever seen!

“Yuh body look good girl, yuh ready fi di ride a yuh life,”
he asked, not awaiting a reply. Before I knew what was going on his
head was between my thighs and his tongue was invading my pussy like
a snake. He caressed and sucked my clit with professionalism; I held
on to his hair and screamed as he fucked me thoroughly with his tongue.
Right before I though I would explode he ease up and entered me like
a stallion. His dick was so large that I again screamed out in shock.
This guy was unbelievable he was so fucking good I felt I was hyperventilating.
All this time my eyes were closed. I felt my body shudder; I felt a
climax coming on. As I climaxed I screamed and opened my eyes and there
standing over us, was ten pair of eyes staring back.

Initials withheld Ocho Rios, St. Ann

A good! Yuh love mek too much noise. By the way, you fuck a
man you just met without a condom? That’s kind of risky, don’t you think?

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