Duppy Know Who To Frighten

Duppy Know Who To Frighten

Dear Marcus,

Congrats on being the number one entertainment medium in Jamaica. This
is my story: I don’t know if I would call it a severe case of bad luck
or duppy know who fi frighten but I’ve lived to tell the tale and for
that I’m grateful. I am what you would call an ordinary looking girl,
nothing special to look at, worst I was black. Some would call that
a crime. In my eyes I know I was as good as anyone else. I tried my
best in school. Most times I even went when I had no lunch money. My
mother was as carefree as they came. She had four kids but you could
never tell as she was never home to care for any of us. I didn’t know
my father. I heard he went abroad after I was born and never looked
back. I didn’t ask my mother about him because she wasn’t someone you
could talk with. She was uneducated and had men come and go like yesterday’s
news. I hoped and prayed for the day to come when I could pack up and
leave this wretched place called home. She had a boyfriend that gave
me the chills when he came by. One day he came by when she was away
and grabbed my breasts and told me he would be back for the rest later.
I started to stay away just to avoid him. I didn’t have any confidants
as I only had younger siblings and no friends to turn to. I prayed to
God for protection as he was the only one I had left.

I graduated from high school top of my class, passed all eight CXC
subjects I took. I wanted so badly to get a good paying job so I could
buy some furniture and move out but I searched & searched, nothing
came up. They all wanted someone with experience. I settled for a job
as a live in domestic helper because I really wanted to move out. The
lady was a nice, respectable lady in her late forties. She was called
Miss Henry. She had no children and lived alone. Well I took the offer
although I knew I was way over qualified for the position. My mother
called me a worthless, good for nothing gal without ambition but little
did she know. I was happy to be out. I wished I could take my sisters
and brother with me because I knew life would be hell for them as well.
I made a pact to help them as much as I could and kept in contact.

I worked hard to prove myself. Despite what others think, I didn’t
think it below me to do this type of job. I did it before without getting
paid and I was good at everything I tried. Miss Henry was my guardian
angel. She treated me very well. I never felt less than a human or discriminated
against. She even recommended that I saved to further my education.
I was already saving religiously and scouted out evening classes to
attend. While raking the yard one day I saw a young man watching me.
Well I felt a little uneasy as I didn’t like being scrutinized like
that. Well he actually came over and introduced himself to me, said
he was the neighbour’s son. His name was Randy. He was cute, about twenty
years old. He asked if I was related to Miss Henry. I almost lied but
I didn’t. I told him straight up that I was the hired help. I don’t
know why it occurred to me to try impress this person that I’d just
met. I’ve never tried to impress anyone before. Not me, not Regina,
not Miss Gertie big daughter. Randy asked me to come and visit him at
his place. 1 told him I didn’t feel comfortable with that as I didn’t
know his parents. He said it would be a perfect chance to get to know
them. I felt uneasy so I told him I would think about it. I thought
he was a bit pushy, but maybe I was being too cautious. For a girl my
age I should have already experienced the thrill of lovemaking. I definitely
had urges but nothing I thought I couldn’t control. I occasionally masturbated
but felt a little guilty afterwards. I was saving myself for marriage.
I wanted to fall head over heels in love. Was I stupid and delusional
to think that true love still existed?

I went ahead and told Miss Henry about Randy’s advance’s just to get
her opinion as to whether she thought he was someone to give the time
of the day to. To my astonishment she started to denounce him by saying
I should never fall prey to the likes of him because he is a user and
time waster. She said I have my whole life ahead of me and sex is not
running away. I have never heard her talk ill of anyone before and I
trusted her judgement explicitly so obviously I believed her. I started
to avoid going outside when 1 heard Randy out there. He came over after
a few days and asked why I was avoiding him. I told him I wasn’t well
and he offered to take care of me. I didn’t want Miss Henry to come
home and catch him on her verandah so I told him that 1 had to leave
so he should leave as well. That worked for the time being. I was relieved.
There was something in me that had never been wrong before, it was this
inborn intuition that had never been wrong before. I could always know
when someone was fake or real. It told me that Randy was indeed real,
he was so sincere and I could see genuine care in his eyes. Well maybe
that’s what I wanted to see as my hormones were in turmoil whenever
he was nearby.

One evening after I took a shower and was laying down in my room reading
Miss Henry came in and said she wanted
to talk to me. She started on about how people should not hide what’s
in their minds and honesty is the best policy and
other stuff. My mind was drifting away as I was a bit sleepy. Suddenly
I bolted upright as I felt her hand sliding up my
legs. I was in a skirt and she was lifting it up and rubbing my pubic
area. I was so shocked!

She bend close to me and whispered in my ear, “Don’t be afraid
baby girl, I can’t tell you how long I wanted to do that, just relax
and enjoy yourself.” I was still speechless! This woman that everyone
respected, she was the epitome of virtue, was seducing me! She started
kissing my lips, she took off my blouse and I wasn’t wearing a bra.
She cupped my perky, plump breasts and started sucking on them. She
was moaning in pleasure, and using her hands to explore my body. She
took off my skirt and panty then opened my legs and started playing
with my clit. Try as I might to put what was happening to me in perspective,
I just couldn’t. My mind was racing, trying not to respond to her fervent
kisses but I couldn’t resist myself. Feelings welled up inside me that
I never knew existed; my pussy was on fire and I started to tear off
her blouse also. She had big round breasts, they still felt nice and
firm. I squeezed them and buried my head between them. She moaned and
screamed in ecstasy, saying I should take them because there mine, all
mine. I sucked both nipples at once as her breasts were just right for
that. She removed her skirt and she wasn’t wearing any underwear. Wow,
another shocker there. Her pussy was bald and oh so nice and fat. Her
clit was so big and pink. I touched it and then played with it- she
was moist and slippery. She put me on top of her and placed me in head
to pussy position, what I further learned was called sixty-nine.

Miss Henry was a freak like I never knew. She did things to me I never
imagined. Her tongue was expertly licking all my crevices. I was floating,
I don’t know if I was in heaven or hell- all I know this feeling was
out of the world. She nibbled my clit & licked my ass. I felt like
I was going to explode and I knew this was it, the big climax I heard
about. I felt all warm inside and she covered my hole with her lips
and licked up all my juices. All this time her pussy was skin out in
my face. I didn’t know what to do but I tried something. She was moaning
and screaming for more. It smelled real nice and fresh. I opened it
and used my tongue to taste it. It tasted salty and a bit like cane
juice. I started to experiment with it; the more stuff I did, the more
she went wild. She wined her ass off! Her ass was so big and round,
nice and firm. After I came I told her it was her time now. She got
on all fours and her fat pussy was pluck out behind her; it was a sight
to behold! I went behind her and opened it up more and started using
my finger to ram her wet pussy, while using my tongue to tickle her
sweet meat. It was so tight and warm. She wined in my face. I was enjoying
it so much, I started to come again as well. She was coming too. She
back it up in my mouth and I used my teeth and tongue and worked some
more magic. She was putty in my hands. She screamed in ecstasy and her
pussy flooded my mouth with juices. I licked it all up.

We were both sweating and panting when we laid back on the bed to catch
some breath. She replied, “Gina I can see you can do anything you
put your mind to. Girl you sure you have never done this before?”
I smiled because I never before thought I would ever do something like
that, me… Miss conventional and conservative.

We were close before but now we got even closer. We slept together
every night. We experimented some more. Miss Henry had dildos tucked
away in her drawers. We used those too and spiced up
things a bit. We watched blues and did all we saw there. I wanted more
though, I wanted someone to go out with, to socialize, hold hands together
in public, just to be normal with. In other words, I needed a man. Technically
I was still a virgin. I started fantasizing about Randy. I imagined
him fucking me while Miss Henry ate my pussy. I wanted so badly to feel
a hard cock inside of me instead of a rubber dildo. I didn’t want to
disrespect her by cheating so I told her what I was thinking. She said
I was forbidden to see him as she has no liking for no man to come and
toy with her and me as well and give her any disease. I was disappointed
as I really hoped she’d approve of him and give the thumbs up so I could
invite him into our world. I could understand her hesitation as well.
Maybe she didn’t want him to tell others what type of person she really
was. I knew she trusted me, that’s why she took time getting to know
me before I was seduced. I was handpicked as well because she knew I
was ostracized from my family and really had no friends. It started
to dawn on me that this woman was indeed a manipulator. She probably
even made up that story about Randy being a bad influence.

I secretly started seeing Randy and made up my mind to move out. I
had some money as she was very generous to me so I got a little place
of my own. She was devastated that I left. I really needed to leave.
I had to find back myself. I was consumed with guilt, and had a hard
time sleeping. The woman had the gall to ask that I send my smaller
sister to stay with her. I had to laugh. I wouldn’t say it was a bad
experience but I don’t want my sister to go through that because of
me. I took all my sisters and brother with me. It worked out well eventually.

I never told Randy what happened but he said he suspected she was a
lesbian because she always had young girls worked for her then they
left for no apparent reason. We started dating. I don’t know what the
future has in store but at least it will be a future that I have control
over. I decided to take the secret to my grave but I’m breaking my silence
and spilling the beans to you, so all I can say is, young girls no matter
haw bad the situation is, work with it until you can get out. If you
have faith, the lord will help you find a way out.

Initials withheld Kingston.

You mean after the poor lady trained you so well you abandoned
her??? Shame on you! Now she’s going to have to start from scratch again.
(Joke mi a mek, yah). MG

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