English Man Link Up

English Man Link Up

Dear Marcus,

This is my first time writing to you. I am a regular reader of your
website. I enjoy reading your articles because they always put me in
the mood for some good sex. Here goes my story. I was introduced to
this man by a friend. Whenever I visits him I got the pleasure that
I don’t get from my boyfriend. My boyfriend is not a hype guy but he
does not believe in sucking pussy. One day when Carl (not his real name)
got back from England. He called me up and asked me to come over by
his house. My reply was, will be there in five minutes time. When I
got there he had already prepared a hot water bath for me, so I undress
myself and wenT in the bath to lie down. While I was in the bath I was
reading one of your publication. Carl came in the bathroom and saw me
reading your articles and ask me if I want to spice up my bath a little
more. So I told him yes. He then ask me what I wanted to drink. I told
him I will just take vodka and cranberry. When I finish my drink and
the story that I was reading, I grab a towel and went to lie on the

Carl offered me another drink, which I accept and then we started a
conversation on the topic of sex. Carl later ask me what turn me on.
My reply was, getting my pussy suck. While lying on my back with my
eyes close, I felt the towel slowly pulling off then I felt Carl playing
with my pussy. Suddenly I felt his warm tongue sucking on my clitoris.
I got so turned on that I wanted him to fuck me so badly but when he
removed his under pant his penis was not more than 6 inches but the
head of it was very fat. I was a bit disappointed but I decided to give
it a try and thrust me, the man can fuck. The head couldn’t go in the
pussy. Carl had to get some lubricant ^el so the wood would go in a
the pussy. That day I learn not to judge a book by it’s cover because
a fire in a mi pussy fi di whole time mi did a dead fi pop off. The
man put me in all different type of position. Him all invent new position.
The man gi mi one piece of fuck till when him done mi couldn’t walk.

We met on another occasion; this one he fulfilled, my fantasy. I always
fantasize about fucking a woman but this time it will be
threesome which is the first for me also. Carl ask me what I wanted
to drink so I told him I will take a vodka and orange juice. While I
was in the settee I felt a soft hand massaging my neck and shoulders.
When I turned around it was a slim and sexy lady with a body any man
and woman would die for. Her breast was just a handful; she was wearing
her birthday suit. I didn’t resist what she was doing because it felt
damn good. Carl came back from the kitchen and find her massaging me
so he said, “I see you have already met.” So he told her my
name and then tell me her name which was Kim (not her real name). Kim
started to kiss my breast down towards my navel. Then she dragged me
to the bathroom mean while Carl just sit and watch us. She started on
my ears and slowly take her time until she reach back to my navel then
to my pussy. It felt so good to feel a woman sucking my pussy. While
Kim was sucking my pussy, Carl went behind her and started to suck her

Kim and Carl exchange position. Carl came and suck my pussy and Kim
sucked his dick. Then 1 got up and started sucking Kim’s pussy while
Carl came behind me and started to fuck me into the doggy style position.
We continued like this for about 15 minutes until Carl started suck
Kim’s pussy, then Kim came and sit on my face while I was being sucked
by Carl. I push off Kim while I gritted my teeth as Carl used his tongue
to play with my clitoris. The way he suck it told me he had some amount
of experience in sucking pussy. During all this time Kim was just as
busy as she sucked Carl’s dick up and down to his balls.

We continue like this for 30 minutes until Carl put Kim on his dick
to sit. In her eagerness to have his cock inside her, she j screamed
as she slowly wine on his cock, until he put the both of us on our knees
beside each other and fuck the both of us until we all cum. If I didn’t
mention it we did use a condom.

Initials withheld
Port Antonio, Portland

Only one???

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