First Time I Sucked My Boyfriend

First Time I Sucked My Boyfriend

Dear Marcus,

I am 20 years old and I have a story to tell as well as a confession.
I did a lot of things during my teenage years that I will never forget,
but there is one thing that will always be stamped permanently in my
brains and that was the first time I suck my boyfriend. He is 29 years
old and really smoking. Up until this day no one know that I allowed
him to skin me out and suck me or I did it to him. If anyone found out
about what we have done, it would have been something else. It all started
quite innocently. I had just graduated from high school and was free
for the summer. I was not working that summer and he was just back from
foreign were he was working for his company. He was away for two months.

About a week after he come back to Jamaica, I went over to his house
to pass some time and found him in a hot horny mood. I guess he was
missing me a lot. We were sitting on the couch chatting and laughing
away, when he started to tickle me. I started to tickle him back and
we started to romp around, wrestling each other. We were getting so
hot and excited and I knew something was bound to happen because of
the way he was touching me. Then he said to me in a lewd whisper fiercely,
“Don’t you think it’s time you get into bed with the man that as
been gone for two months?” I looked at him shyly and in an instant
understood exactly what he meant. He had a naughty
gleam in his eyes. He told me straight-up that he would do it if I promised
not to tell anyone. Without hesitating we eagerly found our way to the
bedroom and before long we were naked. In the sweetness of making love
he said to me, “1 want to fuck you until you can’t stand. I want
to fuck your brains out!” I guided his mouth to my tits and he
started to suck; biting and pinching them – he was like a beast let
loose. I climbed over his mouth and he started sucking me. The way I
was feeling 1 wanted him to fuck my life out. I started to suck his
dick. It was like something good for me. I was loving every minute of
it. I came three times, each time sobbing his name. He started to fuck
me and I call out his name, begging him to fuck me harder. He came with
a muted roar, slamming into me with a force as he sink his teeth in
my neck. It took several minutes for us to come to our senses but I
will never forget the mind-blowing fuck that we had.


Initials withheld Parish withheld.

Girlfriend, those must have been the dark ages. Nowadays, no
one really cares if you are sucking dick.

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