Frighten Fi Bling

Frighten Fi Bling

Dear Marcus,

Meck mi tell you out there some ting, you have all deferent type of
pussy, you have tight pussy, slockey pussy, fat pussy, boney pussy,
salt pussy, luckey pussy but them are all the same. I know this girl
from along time, girl never did want mi unu but true man go a New York
and came back in a di place and man a role deep and a drive a car so
mi go check her friend because me and her friend we move close as two
friends and she see me and tell her how me look good and she hood love
fuck me. Knowing she from a long time she beleve sah she can dun cock
any her friend interduce me to her. We exchange name and number and
we link up and meek a flex.

One night I invite her out. She is the type of girl if you nah bling
and you money nah swing den you not saying a ting. So after I invite
her out and we eat KFC, ice cream and go at a club, after coming home
back in di morning, stop at her gate talking and talking lead up to
pussy time. Start kiss her up and rub her done and
fingering her pussy, drop back car seat that she get more relax and
comferteble, take off all her close and get mine to get segment done,
get out mi condom and role it on and start work. Di first rone (round)
didn’t good enuf so when we get to second rond (round), di second one
a more like electric that she onder (under) pear pain dat she run lef
her sexy g-string and shorts. From that she jus keep running from me
and to you out thear if you wish to give me a chance you can give me
a call .


(No Name) Waterford St. Catherine.
What the….rassclat yu a sey ???. MG

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