Fulfilling A Fantasy

Fulfilling A Fantasy

Dear Marcus,

I have read your articles and I must say keep up the good work. They
never fail to get my pussy wet. Here is my confession. I am a 20 year
old female who has always fantasize about what it would be like to be
with a woman intimately. Well in July of this year my fantasy became
reality. It all started one evening when I was at home thinking about
my fantasies and how I wanted that one to be fulfill the most. I’ve
always known about Digicel chatrooms so that night I decided to join
one. After joining the most popular lesbian chatroom, it didn’t take
me long to get myself acquainted with the other members in the room.
Anyways I was there chatting up a storm when Kay ask me for my number
cause she wanted to talk more privately. After sending my number, I
talked for a little longer then exited the room with the thought of
Kay on my mind.

The following day I received a phone call saying that she enjoying
our conversation last night in the room and every time she thinks about
it, it makes her pussy wet (topic in the room that night was sex) and
because of that she wanted to get to know me better. We spent two weeks
talking over the phone before we met because she was in the country.
On the day she arrived back in town we decide to meet that same evening
because anxiety was killing us both. We met at Pavillion the Friday
night and to my expectations I was blown away. She was about 5ft 6in,
dark chocolate complexion with an amazing body and a smile that would
take your breath away. We talked for a couple hours and had a couple
of drinks, then she invite me back to her place and I quickly said yes.
On reaching her home I was a bit nervous, but as we
reached inside she was all over me. She remove my clothes and began
sucking on my breasts like her life depended on it. We went into the
bedroom and at this time we were both naked and horny as fuck. She then
trail kisses from my rock-hard nipples all the way down to my phat,
wet, juicy pussy until her tongue came in contact with my clit. Kay
then lick and suck my pussy so hard while finger fucking me. I came
5 times. I was wining on her tongue and fingers so hard. I was in heaven
on earth.

We cool off and then turned into the 69 position so that I coulcTreturn
the favour. I was sucking and fingering her sweet, wet, juicy pussy
so hard, she was screaming, “Fuck me please baby, please fuck me
and don’t stop! I fuck and suck her until we both climax and moaning
with pleasure. We continue to fuck for the entire night and it was the
best night of my life and a fucking to remember. Kay and I are still
together and our sex life keeps getting better I and better, but that’s
for| another times. Until then keep up the good work.


T.R. Kingston.

So are you planning on starting a family? Oh sorry, I forgot…
you’re both women. MG

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