Girlfriend’s pregnant, but it’s not mine

Girlfriend’s pregnant, but it’s not mine

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to you for help. I think that my girlfriend is pregnant, but if she is, the baby cannot be mine. We started talking recently but we have never had sex. I am really in love with her and she is showing signs of pregnancy. She hasn’t done the pregnancy test to know if she is pregnant, because she is scared that she is. Today we both got into an argument in which she said her pregnancy was not my concern. She said that because I was trying to find out the last time she had sex, but she is withholding that information from me. I don’t know if I should end our relationship, so I am looking for your response.


Dear D.B.,

You say that you are in love with this woman but you suspect that she is pregnant, and you know you are not responsible because both of you have never had sexual intercourse. You have tried to question her about her sexual encounters and she insulted you badly by saying that it was not your business. If you were a wise man, her answer would be enough for you to end the relationship with her. It is your concern if both of you love each other and she is pregnant. She should respond to your questions. Put on your thinking cap and end the relationship you are having with this girl, because she does not respect you.


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