Help, my son has been ‘tied’

Help, my son has been ‘tied’

Dear Pastor,

I am 60 years old. I have two sons and one daughter. They are all grown. My daughter recently got engaged. Her father and I are very excited, and he is open to walking her down the aisle.

My sons have girlfriends, but one of the young women is very disrespectful. We have told our son that he should leave this girl, but he is not listening. She controls him. He cannot keep any money. We believe that this girl has tied him to her. There are many girls who like him, but he continues to allow this girl to control him. Everything we tell him, he goes back and tells the girl, and she uses that to curse us. What can we do to let him see that he is with the wrong girl?


Dear M.,

Allow your son to make his mistakes. Stay out of his love life. You have made suggestions to him and he has rejected them. He has been allowing this young woman to turn his head, therefore, you should leave him alone to fall on his face.

I hope that by the time he comes to himself, so to speak, it will not be too late. You and your husband see that this girl doesn’t mean him any good, but he is blind. You said that you believe that she has tied him to her. I don’t know what you mean by that. Pray for your son, but keep out of his love life.


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