Husband doesn’t know I was a go-go

Husband doesn’t know I was a go-go

Dear Pastor,

Pastor, I am 23 years old and I am a Christian. My husband is 26 years old, but he is not very experienced. When it comes to lovemaking, I have more experience than my husband.

After leaving high school, I worked in a club and I used to even climb the pole. Although I learned to strip, I did not do that for long. The first time I did it, my boss enjoyed it and paid me much more than the other girls. He said it was because I had a great figure. But someone invited me to church and I went, and I became a Christian. So I told my boss that I was going to leave the work, and I told him why. He said I should not leave the work because nobody from the church would see me dancing and taking off my clothes, and the church would not pay me at the end of the week. Anyway, Pastor, I left and it was after I left that I met this man, who grew up in the Church. His father is an overseer. He fell in love with me. He did not even know how to kiss. I had to teach him. I told him that I used to work in a club, but I did not tell him that I used to strip. He though that I was only a waiter and that I only served food and drinks. My husband was so innocent that I took his virginity. Sometimes when I need him, he is so busy. I have to take the initiative all the time and I know that as a man, he is the one that should do that, because that is what the Bible says. My mind is not on any other man. I love my husband very much, but I think that at his age he should not be so slow. He is planning to take over the work from his father. We do not have children as yet. Is it wrong for me to wake up my husband when I feel for sex, or should I wait for him to approach me?

– F.J.

Dear F.J.,

I think it is time for your husband to step up. You call him slow. Indeed, at that age he must be very slow, but you are not to feel guilty for calling on him to give you what you want.

And there is no part in the scripture that forbids the wife of a man from taking the initiative when she feels that she wants to make love. There is nothing like that in the scripture at all. In fact, the Bible says a man should not ignore his wife, and his wife should not ignore him. As a couple, they should make love as often as possible. Please do not feel guilty for letting your husband know whenever you need him. You have never explained to your husband that you used to dance on the pole and strip. I think it is too late to tell him that now. That is not an issue. Just make sure that both of you enjoy each other and take care of each other’s needs, and I wish both of you well.


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