I Fucked My Mom's Friend

I Fucked My Mom's Friend

Dear Confession,

I was all alone in my house, my father was out and my mother was in
the country. I started to watch this blue movie channel in which this
guy was sucking three girls. They were doing every style in the book,
which got my dick standing. Then I heard a knock and went to look who
it was. I forgot about my eight-inch dick peering through my shorts
and I did not have on a shirt to cover it. When I looked
out, it was my mom’s friend. My dick and her eyes made three but she
acted like she did not see anything. Well, she asked if my mom was there
and for a phone call. So I let her in and as she was going to the phone
she turned around and asked what I was doing in here. I told her nothing.
“How you hood so stiff?” she asked. I said, “I was thinking
about you and it happened. You want to do something ab it?” She
said yes. I was shocked by her reply. I put my ha in my shorts and pulled
out my dick. The only thing could come out of her mouth was, “Jesus
Christ, how yuh hood so big?” She was looking uncomfortable until
she came closer, and ask if she could feel it and I said yes and asked
if she was pleased with it. She started to rub it up
and down slowly so I put my hand down her blouse and all of a sudden
she stopped what she was doing and took off her pants and pushed my
finger in her wet pussy.

I could not believe all this was happening. This was my mom’s friend
with two children and a husband in England. I did not want her to think
I did not know anything about sex, which I did so I lay her on her back
and started finger fucking her. She was tight even for two fingers so
I said to myself, I can’t wait to place my dick in her so that she could
feel some pain from a 19 year old. After that, she put me on my back
on the ground and hold my dick in the air and sat on it, going down
on it inch by inch until it buck. I could see the pain she
was feeling on her face. I don’t know but it was like her pussy was
made for my cock because it gripped it like a hand. It was tense for
her because when she went down on my dick, she dug her nails into my
skin. We fucked for about one hour and a half and I felt her come about
6 to 7 times before I exploded into her like a volcano. We never had
sex again because we know if we did it again, it would not stop and
we would not like anyone to find out. I know it was the best fuck of
her life and for me too. I will never forget it, ever.



Well you’re young but I wouldn’t be surprised if she has been
around the block a few times!

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