I Get To Heaven Lying On My Back

I Get To Heaven Lying On My Back

Confession of
the Month!

Dear Confession,

Whenever I read your website it give me the inspiration to write. At
night when I am bored and don’t have anything to do, I just read all
your articles.

In 2010, I met this guy. He was a friend of my sister. She did like
him but he wasn’t interested in her. He was the manager of a (deleted).
He use to invite me out on weekends but I wasn’t interested at that
time, but he didn’t give up. He continue pestering me until I give in.
He was a married man, so in the evening when he left work he would come
and pick me up and we would go for long hours driving all over the place.
I will call him Mitch. One Friday evening Mitch pick me up and bring
me to his office. It was time for sex. Him start kiss me up and play
with my breast and push his finger in my pussy. Dem time deh me never
know about good sex or fore play, just straight fuck. When him clear
his desk and put me to lie on it I think anxiety get the best of him.
His dick was dead.

The next Friday Mitch take me back to (his office) but this time we
didn’t come out of the car. We fuck same place inside- him just pull
back the car seat and work me same place. Me and Mitch start go out
often and fuck where and whenever we saw suitable. When the wife is
out of town or left the island I’m at the house a fuck down the place.
Mitch and some of his friend rent a house and furniture it out, so whenever
any of them need to hang out the house is there to use. The house is
consist of four rooms three bathroom, a large living room etc. Some
of the weekend the house is full, every man lock down with a girl. Mitch
has a friend who my sister is along with. One night she was in bed with
him making love and just as the man was about to kiss her, she call
him another man name. Dan just slap her in her eye. Me and Mitch was
in our room getting it on. When we heard the commotion and went to investigate,
Dan told Mitch what happen.

Me and Mitch in bed, we fuck until the sheet come off the bed and the
mattress wet, but all them time, I never reach a climax because hardcore
fucking don’t do me any justice. It’s boring. Me and the man in the
bed a fuck and me sit down on his cock and ride it like a cow girl riding
a horse and him a rub me clit to stimulate me, but that didn’t work
so I get down on the floor in the back shot position. When the man push
his dick inside my pussy and start fuck me hard, next minute I know
is that he fell off the bed saying him can’t handle the pussy . A first
in me life me see something like this happen. Big man 6 ft 2 drop off
a pussy say him can’t handle the pussy because me too hot to handle.
Most of the time when Mitch and I a fuck me pussy just get dry and tight
like grip. Some time him has to take off the CONDOM to see if things
would be better, but the pussy just lock him out. It’s from that time
I realize that a so my pussy make, when pressure reach it the muscle
lock inside and no entry. Same time sex is very painful. Mitch as a
8-inch dick, so riding that dick to reach my climax is a hell of a task.
I just can’t get any satisfaction from him. The pussy just run dry.

I never reach my climax until 2012. I met this white guy, Jeff. One
day I was coming from work. I saw this yellow car stop at my feet and
the driver offer me a ride. When I look in the car, my breath stop in
my throat. The man was handsome with green eyes and blond hair. I accept
the drive. He take me home and promise to visit me later. I told him
yes, and that was the beginning of me getting my pussy suck the first
time in my life, and I know now how a triple climax feel. Jeff arrive
at my house about 7 o’clock in the evening and ask me to accompany him
to look for a lady. I didn’t know that him would give me the pleasure
that life as to offer. We drive for a while until we came to a school
and park in a play field in front of the school. He pull the car seat
down and start kiss my ears lobe, neck, nose, breast then down to my
crotch, From Jeff reach me navel I know what he was about to do. When
him start lick me clit through my panty, heaven gate open wide. I got
the greatest feelings I ever had in my time of having sex. The more
he lick my pussy the wider I open my legs. I didn’t want it to end.
He use his tongue to clean me up good. My panty feel like I pee on myself.

I stop fuck with Mitch because he told me that him can’t be bother
with me because my pussy too tight and by the time him finish fighting
to push in his cock inside me he get tired. If my pussy tight it’s not
my fault, a so God make me. That didn’t matter me because I got Jeff
who will lick my clit for me. Jeff dick is 3 inches but very thick.
Every evening Jeff is at my gate to take me out. I start to go heaven
lying on my back in his car, feeling for my leg if it is still there.
One Saturday Jeff came for me and took me to his house to spend the
weekend. From I enter into the house and have a bath the man drop his
head in my pussy. The damn man is a pussy maniac. From Saturday morning
into the night and come Sunday too, a that time I know that suck hot
and boring. The man suck me until my pussy numb.

I get fed up of him now. I can’t take the sucking no more. In 2013,
I move from where I was living but didn’t tell Jeff my new address,
thinking I could get rid of him but he found me again. Boy it was hell
or high water, but I have to loose him. The man drive the car in my
yard and I didn’t come out to him so he blow the car horn from 7 to
11 o’clock the night. When I couldn’t take the noise anymore I came
out to him. I knew what he wanted so I give him the pussy to suck That
night I enjoy the suck because it’s been three months I have not seen
him, so my pussy need a tender loving care and that it did get. Still
I’m grateful because he make me know how to get to heaven lying on my


Initials withheld. May Pen, Clarendon

If a laugh a dead! MG

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