I Love Feasting On Big Woman

I Love Feasting On Big Woman

Dear Marcus,

I am a young man in my late 30’s. In the year of 1996 I left the country
side to live with my aunt in Spanish Town. I was doing a lot of gardening
work for my aunt around the house down the driveway, fruit trees, flowers,
lawn, everything. I was giving the place a new look. One day a lady
stop at the gate in her Honda car. I was opening the gate for my aunt
to drive out. The lady knew my aunt but was more surprised about the
beauty and new look that she began to curse about her own yard how terrible
it was and the flowers out of control.

My aunt didn’t wait a second, she told the lady that I can handle it
and that I could start tomorrow. They both decided I should bring clothes
and stay over because Miss Rose live alone. The drive to her house was
really a teasing one. She was in a little skimpy skirt showing most
pretty legs. I sit side way staring at her while she drive. We chat
and laughed about, looking into each other eyes often. I am fair, about
5’5″, weight 120; a small man and a giant within. Miss Rose has
real pretty legs, very clean. She was clear too but by the time we reach
the house I was sweating under the AC. We had a quick breakfast and
then she show me around. The place was very nice. I worked for about
2 hours. She came outside for me (and said) that she had cool drinks
and sandwich. To tell you this I didn’t even bus a sweat yet. The machete
fell from my hands. I noticed she has on a nighty, very thin and a g-string
panty. It is the fattest pussy I ever see. She motion me to follow her
inside. Her ass was a real fat one. I could barely
see the string. She said I should sit and look at the movie while she
get the drinks. It was a blues and a hot one too.

By the time she return my cock was a hard 9 inch pipe bulging out my
shorts. I swallowed a few mouth of drinks while she feel up my cock
and haul off my shorts and suck my dick and lick my balls. I tremble
like a tree. I held on to her for dear life. About ten minutes I explode
in her mouth. She clean everything and look up at me and smile and said,
“I didn’t know you were that big my boy!” I told her it was
my first time getting my dick suck and I never eaten pussy. I told her
I would like to taste it. I strip her; this pussy was looking good and
wet with juice. As I lick off my fingers it even taste greater. She
tell me what to do, how to attack the food, eat the clit like when a
tiger caught its prey; go down the left wing or right. That send her
flying away past cloud nine. I landed her safely when I sink my stiff
tongue down her aisles then back to her clit. She had me working like
that to and fro teaching me everything. After she cum I lick everything.
The juice was so nice for my first time. I couldn’t believe it has the
strawberry taste and smell. After some drinks and a sandwich we decided
to watch the movie and follow. They start in the 69. Oh my gosh, it
was my first 69! My first big woman much older than me, my first sit
in the face and my first sit on dick but boy was she sweet I tell you.

For several months this woman has trained and developed me into a monster
eater, which I can tell you is sweeter no matter what time or weather.
I always like the pleasure to fulljoy and to treasure, that is my love
and heart desire. Right now I am writing I am burning on fire just like
baga wire because something bad happen in Spanish Town. War broke out
and we were under threats by gangs. Miss Rose (not her real name) has
two store in the heart of the town. She had to lock down the business.
Loss and damage and threat and ransom. She was making good money out
there selling important goods she bring in. She was living abroad for
many years, married and divorce. Her two daughters is still in the States
working and studying.

She went back to live in the States. I got scare too and went back
to live in the country in St. Bess where I grow up a farmer from birth.
About 2 years now I am in the country; lose my woman, my work, my feasting,
which I love most of all. That delicious meatball, sun or rainfall for
me; that’s my first call. Now I am left standing like a wall. My little
money has dried up and the farming is stubborn. It now takes a lot of
money to farm. I am in a very tight spot. I wish if someone could give
me a work, not just to do the garden but the feasting also. I love the
clean skin woman, large clit and tits and buff but big woman is what
I am greedy for ,no youngster. I am a eater feaster so I like the better
food. Mr. Editor, help me get back on track, give my address to any
sweet body, clean skin married or not who can give me some job that
would be extra great. I don’t have a phone, I lost it. Letter is still


Goshen, St. Elizabeth

Boy pops, yuh mouth sweet sah! I wish you luck. MG

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