I Need A Girl To Take Care Of Me

I Need A Girl To Take Care Of Me

Hi Confessions,

I enjoy your webste to the max and look forward to every articles. Some
of the stories are nice but some are just fairytales. These stories
however turn me on, especially the lesbian ones. I am a bisexual in
my late teens living in the Montego Bay area. To tell you the truth,
I prefer women more than men and my boyfriend can never understand.
You see Confessions, I was molested when I was growing up, which stopped
at the age of 12. This was done by male relatives. But enough of that.
When I came to live in Montego Bay, a neighbour invited me to a church,
hence I started attending. When I was about 14 or so I went on a church
trip and this girl who was about my age was always starting at me but
I never thought anything of it. I was in a bathroom when the girl, out
of the blues asked me if I have ever kissed another girl. I must admit
I have kissed boys and men and I am very good at it, but another girl?
NO WAY! To my surprise she kissed me and surprisingly I kissed back.
It’s as if I have always wanted to do that. When we came back from the
trip, we avoided each other. Couple months after, she invited me to
her house and there we would fool around. I began loving the feeling
of being with another woman and even fantasizing about them. One Sunday
at church she said I should follow her to the bathroom. We were 16 years
old then, and believe it or not she told me to sit on the tank and she
sucked my pussy. That was the first time somebody ever sucked my pussy
and a girl at that. I did not know how it was suppose to feel, but whatever
she was doing felt good. I was in heaven.

Believe me, I enjoy having sex but there is nothing like being with
another woman. I believe in the saying, “Only a woman can satisfy
another woman.” It may sound conceited but I am sexy as hell, a
model actually, so you know my body is petite and I am fairly pretty
and intelligent, so I can get any man I want, but I much rather a woman.
The only reason I am with a man is to take care of my financial needs,
as I attend college. If I find a good looking and attractive woman to
take care of me and I of her, men would not exist in my eyes. Anyway,
I love sucking clean nicely shaven pussies, don’t matter size of clit
but I hate fat women. I love to use my tongue to dart in and out of
my woman’s pussy and make her feel good. Ladies don’t be afraid to explore
the wild side of you because you may like it.


Montego Bay, St. James
Maybe you just haven’t found the right man yet. MG

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