I Need More Sex

I Need More Sex

Dear Marcus,

I am a regular reader of your website. I just keep staring at the naked
pussies and dicks in some of your articles, and every time I would cum
on myself without even knowing. I am one of those girls who is not getting
enough sex. Sometimes months pass by and I don’t sex, so when I get
a little chance, I have to grab it and make full use of it. You see,
I am one of the decent girls who don’t just like sex-ing with just any
man I see, or two or three man one time. I think sex should be a sacred
thing like marriage and don’t be taken for granted, because some man
only need a one slap and gone. When I decide that I am going to give
a man a little pussy, I have to truly love him. I don’t sex for money.
If I am going to give a man pussy, I just give him because God give
mi my body free.

Many nights I twist and turn in my bed wanting a little sex, until
sometimes it’s like I am going to mad. Sometimes how I want to fuck
bad, I get thirsty and I have to drink a lot of water, so I don’t run
out of breath. Even my lips dry up. But I can’t tell anybody this or
else they will go and spread it and let people talk mi, so when you
people come in with this magazine that I can get to reveal myself secretly,
I count my blessings. Plus I am being paid to confess some things that
will swell any head.

From I was a child growing up I was raised in a Christian home and
every Sunday my parents would let me go to church with them. On Sundays
they would dress me up like a flowers tree and I used to love the dressing
up part so much that I didn’t mind. When I reached high school I was
still a virgin and had no thoughts of sex. If a guy should call to me
I would run him and tell my parents. Day by day I would hear other kids
my age talking about sex and how wonderful it was when they were doing
it with their boyfriends. But I still didn’t pay them any mind. I graduated
from high school and was still a virgin until one night this guy who
I have been friends with from ever since I can remember, held me and
kiss me. It was the nicest thing I ever felt and from that we would
kiss when no one was around until it end up to us having sex. I was
nineteen years old when I lost my virginity and I thought that me and
this guy would never break it off.

My serious problem now is that I am not getting enough sex when I need
it. Because the man I am dealing with live far away from me. It’s only
when he come and look for me I get a chance to fuck. One day him come
and look for me. I live alone in a one room that I rent, which is very
peaceful and quiet since it is far away from the road. I decided I was
going to let him kill me with fuck because it’s like a seize him want
my pussy to seize up and when it’s getting too tight it feel like it
want to hurt me. From him entered the house my clit just get hard and
stand up like hood and my pussy don’t stop jump. Before him could say
a word, I start feeling him up because a just some fuck mi want and
mi so horny that my hormones just a ride mi. I didn’t hesitate to take
off my clothes while him take his off and for that whole day and night
we fucked down the place. When him just start fuck mi, hell
and powder house between the two of us, because my pussy has
gotten so hungry that it can’t seem to get enough cock, so I told him
to let me do most of the work. I ride his dick and ride his dick. Meanwhile
I could feel my warm cum juice running out my pussy so much that I had
to just close my eyes rto how it sweet mi and just moan and groan. When
I got tired I let him do the rest. When it was time for him to cum,
I felt sol disappointed and wished it could last forever. Since sex
was the nicest thing to me, I would readily swap my dinner any time
for sex. We did plenty rounds of sex that day which I would always cherish,
which served me for the entire week because I could still feel that
dick in my hole to the effect it had on me.

In last year November I was at Dunn’s River Falls with my family and
friends just chilling out and having a good time. But little did I know
that I had an admirer until I was passing this real cute guy and a girl
sitting down on a bench. From the way they looked and dressed you could
see that they were tourists, but I thought they were a couple, so I
did not pay the guy too much attention. When I was passing them back,
the guy called me and introduced me to the girl and said she was his
sister and that he has been admiring me from I just arrived on the beach.
He was complimenting me on my looks and shape and said he would like
to get to know me better before he left. We spent the entire afternoon
socializing with each other. He gave me his phone number and told me
where he was staying. Fortunately we saw more of each other than he
expected, since at the time I moved in with my relative who lives in
that same area and stayed there for two months with them until it was
time for the guy to leave. In that period of time we had sex and went
places but of course we used a condom because I don’t really trust tourists.
When he was leaving, he gave me US$1000, which I put in my bank book.

A next experience that I had was when I was coming from Spanish Town
on a mini van which was on its way to Man-deville. The van was so full
that I thought no on else could hold on it, but I found myself to be
wrong when it stopped and took up a guy in Old Harbour. The conductor
put him right beside me to sit and to cluster up the van. His hand was
resting right on my left breast. All the try I try to move, there was
no where to go, so I had to just sit back and take it until my mind
started playing havoc on me. I was starting to enjoy it more and more
since the guy looked decent enough, like he was a teacher or worked
in a bank. It was more than my senses could handle. I guess he must
have felt his hand resting on my breast and feel how soft and comfortable
it was, but I didn’t know what he was thinking, what could be running
through his head. He only rested it there and not once did I see him
turn and look at me. If he and the other passengers only knew what effect
it had on me, how many sparks was building up in my body, they would
be astonished. I was there sitting down beside him and needed a little
fuck and couldn’t do a thing. I could feel cum juice running out my
vagina and unto my panty seat which let my leg feel sticky. At the same
time I turned and looked at him, but I guess he didn’t notice. It’s
like I was being punished, being turned on so easily in a van full of
people and wanting to sex him but couldn’t. This went on until he came
off the van and left my whole body in heat.

When I reached home I came home to an empty house; no man there to
continue what was started by a stranger on a van, so I had to finger
myself and couldn’t get enough since my finger was too small and I needed
to feel something big inside me. I used to talk to this guy long before
I met my boyfriend (the one that I am fucking with now who is letting
me thirst for sex). When I first met the guy I never knew how freaky
he was. As a matter of fact, he was the first freak I ever talked to.
The first time I was having sex with him, he asked me if I ever had
sex in the ass before. I told him no and he said if I would like to
try it. I told him yes and he asked me for some olive oil to moisten
the area, then he inserted his dick in my ass and started fucking me
and meanwhile he was doing this he was fingering my pussy. It was pretty
painful when he was fucking me in my ass, but I bear it until he was
finished. I didn’t let him do it again, because I didn’t really like
the idea. After he has done this he opened my legs and began to suck
my pussy. It was the first time a man had ever done that to me and I
liked every inch of it. I wished he wouldn’t stop. It felt as if someone
was tickling me, but more pleasure was in it. I didn’t return the favour
since I had my reputation to protect and I didn’t want anybody calling
up my name that I bow. He didn’t seem to mind, because he seemed to
enjoy what he was doing.

I stayed with this guy for four years. He was the first guy I have
ever stayed with for so long, because he knew how to please his woman,
unlike this man who I am talking to now who is letting me have to wait
for months before I can have a dick in my hole. If he don’t clean up
his act soon I might have to leave him and go searching for someone
to satisfy my body sexually and emotionally, because it’s like I am
going to lose my head. I don’t know what type of man he is. If I was
in his position I would visit me everyday just for the sex with no strings
attached. If I had known where he lived I would find his home whenever
I wasn’t working, so I am going to talk to him about visiting me more
often and if he doesn’t do better I am going to leave him and find another
man. When we first started dating, he used to visit me so often that
sometimes I would feel tired of him, but now it’s like he has gotten
too used to me, so he started tripping. Now it’s when he feels a mind
he comes and look for me. But it won’t work, because it’s not all woman
would be as faithful as I am and don’t give him any bun. I would rather
leave him and find myself someone else and put lock on the door, so
in my next confession maybe I will tell you that I leave him and find
someone else or he has decided to do better because it can’t work a


Initials withheld. Harwood District, Clarendon

What do you mean you don’t know where your man live? Some relationship.
To be honest, for someone who is supposed to be so good, you’re really
bad. MG

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