I Went Back For Seconds

I Went Back For Seconds

Dear Marcus,

It’s been a long time since I’ve wrote my letter which was published
which one you named,” I Love Fucking My Man’s Friend” but
did not get paid but that’s another deal. Don’t deal me out please.
Well what can I but, ‘oops, I did it again.’ Chad and I we have sex
again. I couldn’t say no to it, it was better than the last, which was
the first. It was the death of a friend that bought us together. The
death of “the friend”, he was like a person you would love
to hate and the life of the party.

So with the nay (nine) night and funeral gone by, the Group 1 Gang
decided they should have a party. So they rent a hotel room. They do
know how to throw a party conservative, one up class style where the
music is smooth, the drinks flow but if you can’t handle the sprite
(spirit)/alcohol, bring your water. They did a great job- change the
light, move the furnitures a bit and you’ve got your party. Some of
the guys rent rooms- actually three room including the party. The party
got on great; room service got some tip in US dollars. We’ll cut to
the chase. I had not eaten so I slept and went down stairs for buffet
dinner and I can hear music, not loud but it’s o.k. -laughing and everything.
I reached in my room to be greeted by Chad. He wanted to know how I
was doing because I was not there. The truth is I was avoiding the whole
thing altogether. He said, “Come on, we can be drinking buddies.”
because we talked and decided what had happen was a mistake, we eventually
got over it.

“O.K. I’ll be there in a minutes.” I had to pick out in fact
my baby father though that I looked good in a strap black dress, which
stop above the knee. I wanted to wear jeans so I slipped into it with
a nice string number g-string. When I entered the room it was packed,
to one corner was the dance floor and another bar and everyone was occupied.
My boyfriend beaconed me to come over, which I did. He handed me his
drink and I mixed till I got enough and went to the balcony
“Hi,” I replied, “You know he drunk already,” Chad
said, referring to my boyfriend. “Yep, as a knob as usual,”
I replied.
“You are lovely,” said Chad. “Thanks, Troy pick it,”
I said. ‘He has taste in more than one way,” he said, but he did
not look me in the eye. “Want a refill,” he asked. “Sure,
you know my mix,” I asked. “Yep,” and he went in for
the. drinks. He came out moments later. I was crying. I mean life just
sucks. The moments something/ someone that dear to you makes a mistakes,
they are gone. But if it’s someone that deserve to die, know they are
going to die. I turned around, intended to go back to the room when
Chad came out. He saw my face and ask. I told him and he hug me. He
was like a teddy bear with muscles.

I held on tight. He must have felt something because he looked at me
deep in my eyes and kissed me. His tongue was down my throat and I was
shivering with the air and what happening. I lost it. “Why don’t
you have a girlfriend, Chad,” I asked. He whispered, “I want
you.” My legs felt weak as I remembered. I walked away past my
boyfriend and his friend drunk and laughing. Chad was trailing behind
me. I manage to make it in the room but the door was not lock just enough.
He swing me around and started to kiss me. His hands came down and massage
my breasts, which was followed by his mouth. It made me wet. I began
to breath harder as he went down. I grab his head. He took it as a tease.
He smiled as he kissed me. I was just standing there with the g-string
on. “You’re beautiful, but don’t stop me.” He took my two
hands and held them above my head with one hand and with the other hand
he stuck it in my cunt. “Tell me you don’t want it and I’ll stop.”
I certainly say no. I wanted it. He suck from my toes to my thighs.
He put one foot over his shoulder and used his knife to cut the g-string.
“I buy you five more to cut off you,” he commented.

He had a tongue that felt like a cock itself. I was wining and moaning
till I came. He got up and strip himself and got on a condom. He laid
me on the bed and put my foot on his shoulder and before I could think
I felt something ripped through my whole body. He held me by the waist.
I had to stop him. I told him I couldn’t take it that way, but only
if he’s gentle. He did for a while then I came. He suck me from the
back, tease j me with his cock every now and then. “Do you want
it?” “Yeah,” I whispered. “Fuck me oh fuck me Chad,”
I shouted. That’s what he did. He held my hand on the bed rail with
his. At a time like this we wished he had the (hand)cuff. He fuck and
slapped me on the ass till I could scream. I feel my lung give way.
We both came and we showered together but I was too tired to go look
what’s happening outside. I collapse on the bed.

When I woke my ass was hurting me. We all sat for breakfast brunch
and Chad brush against my bum. I let out a loud ouch. My boyfriend ask
what as it. I said I knock my bum on the night table but Chad had on
his cheekish grin. Later that evening he confessed something to me in
my room. Because I didn’t feel up to the road trip to the airport and
Chad’s false sickness, we were alone again. He asked me where it hurts.
I told him. He lift up my skirt and kissed it gently on it and said
he was sorry he got carried away and he sucked me, then we laid in each
other’s arm until we hear the boys coming. We totally trust each other.
We are in fact our brother’s keeper.


Address withheld

Pity your boyfriend doesn’t know he shouldn’t trust you. MG

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