Living The Life I Love

Living The Life I Love

Dear Marcus,

I enjoy reading your publications because they allow persons to confess
their wildest sexual encounters. I am a young male butler at one of
the finest (deleted) resort. Many ladies at the resort consider me to
be attractive. I am dark brown in complexion, about 6ft 2 inches tall
and have lips as red as cherry. I have been approached many times by
ladies who always ask, “Are you into pussy eating?” I was
known to be the master of all freaks so I just said yes. Enough of that,
let’s get to the point. While on the job working one hot summer day
I along with my fellow staff members was called to a department meeting.
We were told that we had special guests coming to the resort and they
were staying in butler rooms. Hours went by until the guests were finally
there. I was first to approach the guest and introduce myself.

My eyes suddenly got stuck on these fine looking white blonde girls.
My lips almost touch the ground just picturing myself eating the cold
American pussy. About three days went by until the fourth day I got
a note from the two girls who I will call Danique and Cristal. They
were inviting me to there little going away party they were having in
their room. I thought about my job been on the line and also considered
that in the industry the guest comes first so I couldn’t say no. It
looks like I wasn’t the only one with my eyes elsewhere but I guess
we’ll find out. On my way to the room I imagined what it would feel
like having those two blondes for myself. I know if they got a piece
of me they would be mine forever because am like K.F.C, nobody does
it better or Digicel, expect more get more.

I was finally at the door. Marcus you wouldn’t believe what I saw.
The girls were dressed in there birthday suit. I for the first time
has seen two of the fattest pussy in the world. I was so surprise and
blown away at the same time. Before I could say anything Cristal took
me by the hand and said, “What took you so long?” I was never
given the chance to answer because Danique was now all over me. She
licked my toes like a baby on its mother’s breast, not a spot was missed
on my body. She then whispered, “I notice the way you look at us
the day we got here.” I said, “Really?” Now the drinking
started and music was added to make it more romantic. Being around these
nude girls for so long I could feel my man hood working its way to the
top. They now notice the gun I was carrying and so saw that it was going
to be some really hardcore yardy sex.

I didn’t want to waste anymore time so I laid Cristal on the bed and
licking her toes nice and slow, working my way up the ladder. I was
finally at the apple pie pussy and I was dying to get a taste. I started
nice and slow, eating it like it was my favourite ice cream and I didn’t
want it to be finished. Now the moaning started and I heard languages
from a different world; “Dimi, papi, dimi!” She held my face
in her pussy like she wanted it to stay there forever. She wined and
wined until she finally climax. I then took my close
off and when they see my nine and a half inches Jamaican hood, Danique
get to work immediately. She suck my dick like it was one of a kind.
I didn’t want her to stop but I had to go back to work and I didn’t
want to delay the action. I took a condom from my wallet and put it
on my dick. I went for Cristal first. On entering her from backways
I had to retreat. My hood was too big for her pussy. She screamed like
a girl having sex for the first time. I then got some baby oil from
the bathroom to make access easier. I was finally inside her. My hood
felt like it was tearing apart. I fuck that tight pussy so hard it started
to swell but all she did was beg me for more. “Oh! Oh! Oh god!
Fuck me baby, fuck me like there is no tomorrow,” and that I did.
I gave her every inch of my manhood.

Just looking at Danique I know she was dying to get a piece of me and
I didn’t wait any longer. I started to eat her pussy like I was a hungry
lion. When I started to fuck her I knew she thought she was in heaven.
She held me so close not even breeze from Ivan Hurricane couldn’t pass
through. “Hmm, yeah, yeah. Fuck that pussy, fuck that pussy,”
she shouted. I stab her pussy so hard that I felt like my balls were
going in. She climax about three times and I was still there stabbing
and whining like a forward going through a ( …?). She started to beg
me to stop but I was too close to heaven to turn back. “Yeah! Yeah!
Oh! Hmm,” she said. I stab and wine for about thirty more seconds
till I finally climax. They both cuddled me like I was the medallion.
What happen next will probably change my life forever. Danique has just
started producing adult movies in America and I have been given a job
offer. All the necessary information have been given and I am awaiting
conformation to leave. So you see living the life I love couldn’t get
better. If or when I start I’ll halla back at you. Keep doing what you
doing and remember, live the life that you love.


Initials withheld
Leeds District, St. Elizabeth

And you’re so full of bullshit, the whites of your eyes are

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