Lousy man wanted sex on the first date

Lousy man wanted sex on the first date

Dear Pastor,

When I was in my 20s I started to date, and at that time I was going to college. I didn’t know much about dating. The first man who took me on a date didn’t have much money, but we went to the cinema to see a movie. After the movie he wanted to take me to his house, and I told him I was not that type of girl. He insisted that I should go with him to his house; I insisted that I wasn’t going to go with him. I told him to put me in a taxi and let me go home. He went to a taxi and asked the driver how much to take me to where I wanted to go. The taxi driver told him how much. I had enough money to pay the driver. The driver noticed that I was not pleased and asked me what was the matter. I told him that this guy wanted me to go home with him, and the taxi driver told me that I was a wise girl. He dropped me at my home. The folks I was staying with asked me why I came back so soon. I told them I only went to watch a movie, but the guy wanted to create his own movie, and they laughed. I got married after I graduated from college, but I have taught my children never to date strangers. Some guys look for girls who are from rural Jamaica and who don’t have much experience. Some of these men only need sex from some women they take out on a date, and they want sex the very first day they take you out. I gave my husband some trouble when I met him. I didn’t believe anything he said until I checked him out. Even thought he told me he was a Christian, I did not believe him. Pastor, thank you so much for your good work. You have been a father to many of us, and Jamaica is proud of you.


Dear B.M.,

Thank you for your encouragement. I try my very best. May the good Lord watch over you.


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