My Big Secret

My Big Secret

Dear Marcus,

I was 13 years old when this happened and now I am 19 years old. It
all started like this. When I was 13 years old I was sexually active
and I get pregnant for this guy who was 22 years old. When we have sex
and he know that I was pregnant he did not tell me. I just noticing
him feeling up my belly but at that time I did not know that I was pregnant.
About a month after I started to see my period and it last for a month
and a half. I did not know what happen so I did tell my mother. My mother
start to ask me question like what happen to you and I said nothing.
It was one Tuesday when I was getting ready for school I fainted and
started vomiting and my mother take me to the doctor. Just as I reached
the hospital the doctor started to work on me. I was
admitted in the hospital for some days. It has been six years ago. Now
I have my boyfriend for two years now and I wanted to tell him my big
secret but I don’t know how to do it. I talked to one of my friend and
he told me to tell him about it. I am planning to tell him. I will tell
you how it goes in my next letter. I have more confession to make but
that is a next letter. I love your website. Please withheld my name.

Initials withheld Bounty Hall, Trelawny

Take my foolish advise and let sleeping dogs lie. MG

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