My Chatroom Suckaman

My Chatroom Suckaman

Hi Confession,

I am an avid reader of your website. I try my best to never miss an
update. It is a really good thing that you guys are doing for us Jamaicans
that have that very wild, freaky but very discreet side. You guys give
us the chance of sharing our wildest sexual encounters with other readers.
This is one of the reasons why I have decided to write to you about
another one of my encounters.

It all started in October of last year. I was bored one day and decided
to join one of the popular chat rooms. Seeing that I am a bisexual at
heart I joined the BISEXUAL chat room. The room wasn’t swinging as much
as I expected it to, but I decided to stick it out for a while. Two
weeks after joining I spoke with a lot of freaky persons in the room.
I mean girls that have their man, but looking for girls, guys that live
with their babymommas looking for guys and stuff like that. I spoke
with guys that would just eat pussy at the drop of a dime. One of the
guys from the room and I started conversing a lot. His name was Andre.
We hung out a lot and had a lot of fun. Anything I asked him for he
would give it to me. Throughout our friendship he was always telling
me how good of a pussy sucker he was, and how much he would love to
suck my pussy. He was really sweet mouthing me, telling me how much
he could have me climbing up the walls and I would never regret it.
About two weeks had passed, but I finally decided to give him the chance
to suck my pussy.

It finally happened on the second Saturday in December. He picked me
up at my friend’s house (my friend lived close to him, so that was a
great way to save time) and we made our way to one of the “hotels”
on “back road”. He said he needed something to eat, so he
stopped and got some food for himself and some Magnum tonic wines for
me. I was sipping on my Magnum to build a vibes, so by the time we got
to the hotel, I was on Magnum number two and feeling real nice. When
inside the room I got myself comfortable, while Andre went to go have
a shower by himself. I just went in and joined him. He had already started
to soap himself, so I took the rag and did the job for him. I gave him
a proper wash, and he did the same to me. I don’t know if it was the
water that was beating on my body or the Magnum kick in my head, but
I just bend over and told him to suck out my pussy. Confession right
then and there he just got down on his knees and started to give me
a proper suck. I must admit he knew what he was doing too. He was sticking
his tongue in and out of my hole, while occasionally flicking it across
my clit. When I started to whine hard on his tongue, he knew I was going
to cum, so he applied the pressure to my clit until I came heavily in
his mouth. We then took our sucking session to the bedroom. Andre laid
me on the bed and proceeded to dry my entire body with his tongue. He
put his tongue in all my crease and crevices. It felt so damn good.
He then told me to lie on my back with my legs pulled to my chest. He
reached for the remainder of the Magnum that I was drinking and poured
some into my pussy and drank it out. He did this until the Magnum was
all gone, then ate me until I came again.

We changed positions; this time I was doing a hand-stand (I am very
flexible). He just opened my legs and dove in for the kill. He sucked,
stuck, flicked and licked my pussy until I was ready to cum again. Confessio
I almost broke my neck when I was cumming, because of how immense the
pleasure was. Not to be a party pooper, I was good and ready again in
no time and wanted to feel his tongue in me once more. This time he
was laying down and I straddle his face. Mr. Confessio, you want see
the little fucker face when I started to lower the pussy to his face.
I just told him to prepare for the ride of his life. He said, “I
want to suck the life out of your pussy. I don’t know why your pussy
so nice. I can bet how much you man love it.” I just sat down in
his face to shut him up. You want to hear him begging me to fuck his
face harder, which was all the encouragement that I needed to ride his
tongue like a jockey riding a horse. Confessio I won’t lie; the Magnums
were really doing a number on me, because I never wanted to stop riding
his tongue. He held on to my ass cheeks for dear life, as he slid his
tongue in and out of my sweet pussy, while creating havoc on my clit
at the same time. When I was about to have my last orgasm I grinded
so hard on his face, he just held me firm and sucked real hard on my
clit. I came so hard that Andre had a difficult time swallowing all
of my cum. When he finished cleaning up his face and my pussy, he let
out a big belch and said, “Girl your pussy juice full up my belly!”
I just laughed. I was exhausted so I quickly drifted off to sleep.

About an hour later I was awakened by the feel of his tongue on my
now tender pussy, but I never wanted him to stop because it felt so
damn good. I just opened my legs wider to give him more access to the
fat pussy. About 15 minutes later I felt like I was going to cum, but
also like I was going to pee. I told Andre to stop because I wanted
to pee, but he refused to stop. He held unto my legs and started to
suck even harder on my clit. By this I felt the pee and cum both coming
at the same time, so I just let loose in his face. I almost drowned
him with both my pee and cum. You want to hear the little fucker when
the pee reached him.

After I had gotten down from my “high” he told me that he
always wanted a girl to give him a “golden shower” while he
was having sex with them, and he saw that as the perfect opportunity
to get it done to him. While laying there he told me about some other
fantasies that he had, and that we would love for me to help him fulfill
them. We got up and went to the shower to get cleansed so I could leave,
because it was getting late and my man was supposed come see me later
in the night. He begged me to let him get one last suck off my pussy
before he took me home but I told him no. I was too tired for that anyway.
We showered together, got dressed and left. In the car he gave me $10,000
and said he couldn’t wait to taste me again. When we got back to my
friends yard, I just pulled my panties to the side stuck my fingers
in one by one and gave him them to suck off. He called me a tease then
said goodnight.

He has been my suck pussy man ever since and we have been fulfilling
his fantasies one by one, and even to this day he has never asked me
to either return the favour, or have sex with him. The good thing about
all of this is that my man doesn’t know about Andre. If you publish
my story and I get paid I have a lot more stories to write.

Stay blessed, until then.


Miss Anonymous Kingston.

You have a MAN??

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