My Encounter With A 40-Plus Woman

My Encounter With A 40-Plus Woman

Dear Marcus,

Francine (not her real name) was a woman in her early forties. She
had 5 children and the oldest one was about my age or older, around
20. There was one of her daughter who was 17 at the time whom I always
wanted to fuck but the girl was so immature. Every time I asked her
out she had some lame excuse, so I just got fed up and said, what ever.
Her mother on the other hand was always complimenting me, telling me
how I am handsome and is likle bwoy like me mek big woman waan deh wid
pikney. I just laughed and said to myself, what is she talking about,
because I had never put any argument to her and didn’t have any intentions
to do so. From that day I saw Francine differently and even started
calling her Ms Francine.

It was a nice Saturday evening and I was wondering if I should go to
the movies or just stay home and go to bed early, then my phone rang.
It was Ms Francine telling me that she is about to leave work for home
and she is gonna be home alone for the weekend and I should come and
check her. I didn’t know what to say so I said ok. She said she won’t
be going to the kitchen so I should bring some junk food for her. I
ask for the directions to her house, because she had recently moved
to a new apartment. When I arrived it was about a quarter to seven.
She was just heading to the shower so I sat in the couch and turn the
TV on…l told her to hurry because I am hungry and I don’t plan to
wait on her to start eating. I ate my burger before she was done in
the shower. When she returned, she was only in bra and panty. Tell you
the truth, she looked great for her age; I couldn’t take my eyes off
her. Then she asked me if I couldn’t bring a movie for her to watch,
and was saying how she love to watch blue movie, which got me excited.

I knew I was there to fuck her that night but I didn’t know what move
to make since it was my first time with an older woman. After we talked
some more I realized that it was nearly 9 o’clock, and time was wasting.
I told her that I didn’t feel well and I needed to lay down. She said
I should go on her bed, which I did as it was a part of my move to start
it off. After being there for about 5 minutes, I called out to her,
asking if she is not coming to bed. She was there in a couple seconds.
Laying beside me, now I was wondering who is going to make the first
move, then I said you know what, fuck it; after all I’m here to fuck
and I’ve reached this far. I just reached for her breast and started
sucking. She was laughing, and I asked what is it, and she replied,
“Da likle bwoy yah nuh easy, inno!” I just continue doing
what I was doing, sucking on her breast while playing with the other.
She was moaning with her eyes closed. I felt great because I like when
li am pleasing a woman. I slowly moved my hand down to her pussy, which
felt as good as how it looked in those draws. But she stopped me saying
she don’t like the finger thing, which I didn’t mind since my dick was
fighting to get free. She asked me if I got condoms and I said sure,
hauled on one and entered her pussy. It was awesome! She wined on my
cock, while she kept on asking me a who teach mi fi fuck suh. I just
kept on ramming her pussy. Then after about 15 minutes she said she
was tired and she wanted to rest. I said ok and lay down on the bed
stroking my dick. Then I looked and saw her back facing me because she
was on her side, I wanted to fuck her in that position but thought she
was sleeping. I started inserting my cock then I felt her pushing up
on me and pulling me closer as if she wanted every inch of me inside
her. I fuck her in that position for a while then I told her to go on
her knees. I fuck her in the backshot until she bawl, then I laid her
on her back and entered her again.

This time I was fucking her harder than before. She started to wine
fast and holding me very tight and screaming that she is cumming. I
fuck her till I hear something like a board bruk inna di bed. She seh
wi must stop cause she want to go to the bathroom, but as she come off
the bed I was behind her giving her a backas again, while she had one
of her hand was on her waist and the other on the dresser. What a sight!
This turned me on more. I fuck all that time and haven’t cum as yet.
After she came out of the bathroom, she said we should continue in her
daughter’s room. I placed her on the floor and entered her from behind
again. She seem to never like it as the floor was uncomfortable, so
we went on the bed. This time she was sitting on top of me. She wine
and grine mi till mi come inna har pussy, because after all that hardcore
fucking the condom buss up. We sleep for a couple hours then I wake
up an realize seh mi hood a get stiff again, so mi wake har’/[| and
seh mi ready again, but she seh she caan manage nothing cause she mash
up. Me promise seh mi nah go do it too hard this time, and wi do a next
round. It neva too intense, and by the time wi finish it was morning.

She was telling me how mi can fuck, and in all her life, a first she
ever fuck like that. Then she start talk bout her past relationships,
and a gimmi argument bout how she go introduce mi as har man to har
pikney dem. Dats when mi realize seh she want a man an she serious.
Suh afta dat day ml nuh ansa fi har calls dem, and when ever mi see
har, mi always busy. A tink she get di message. But is not really har
age mek mi wouldn’t deh wid har, but because mi poor, and she nuh seem
to be too financially stable either.

T.B. Manchester
Well, after the fucking is over, you gotta eat! MG

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