My First Sucking Experience

My First Sucking Experience

Dear Marcus,

Good day to you and the rest of the staff. I have read interesting articles
published on your website and I find it very interesting. So I can’t
wait to send you my own little story. I always have this in mind from
I was a little boy growing up. I tell myself that I want to suck a girl
pussy. Whenever I am out on the street and I saw a pretty girl, I just
imagine me sucking this girl pussy. It’s just a feeling I grow up with
and I don’t think I can overcome this feeling.

I am now twenty-one. I love to watch blue movies a lot. Whenever I
watch these movies I develop this feeling more stronger. I want to experience
sucking a girl pussy but I am so shy to approach a girl. Every night
when I go to my bed I masturbate a lot. Whenever I am masturbating I
stick my tongue out and wheeling it all around imagining that I am sucking
a fat, rosy pussy. Whenever I cum, I feel so hungry within myself just
to know it not a real pussy I am sucking.

One day now I get so mad within myself and said to myself, I don’t
into no more imagination, I need to get the real thing. So I walk the
street now looking for some fat pussy girl. I come up on this girl at
the phone box. This is my first time approaching a girl. So I went up
to her and said, good night, how are you and she did not answer. I turn
to her and say, “Because you look so sexy you don’t want to answer
me.” She turn and said, “Pardon me?” I repeated the same
question again so she said to me, “Am I sexy?” I said yes.
The conversation start there. We were talking for a while. We both came
up with sex talk. She ask me if I have a girlfriend. I told her no.
While she was there talking about sex my mouth was there jumping. All
in my mind is to suck her fat piece of pussy. I make the biggest mistake
that night when I tell her that I would love to suck her pussy. She
get mad at me and cuss me so bad. I could not believe what I said to
her that night. I have to leave the road and come to my bed. I cried
the whole night and cuss myself. I don’t know what the hell and earth
should I mention that to her so quick and I was sure I would have that
pussy to eat for myself. But I never give up hope.

I always continue to search during that time and I always get turn
down by many girls. I know that is my aim, sucking pussy is my game
so I should not have no more pain in my brain. Well the story come to
bump, now this is my first experience. I know this girl from she was
small about 12 years old. She always come by my parents house to watch
TV because her parents did not have any. We did not have cable at that
time but I have a video, so one day I was at home. No body was there
with me at the time. I borrow a blue movie cassette from one of my friend.
While I was there watching the movies I heard a dog barking. When I
look through my window to my surprise the girl is coming to watch TV.
So she came up in the yard, I invite her in. When she come in she was
shock. She say, “Rudolph what kind of show dat you are watching?”
I told her that is the kind of show I love to watch. She laugh. I ask
her if she want to watch it. She said yes. I feel so good inside. While
we were there watching the blues, she start to laugh and going on with
a lot of antics. I know that she was horny. When I saw that I draw along
side pon the sitting chair. I started to touch her and I am running
a lot of jokes with her.

I notice that she was up to what I was saying and doing to her. My
blood was getting hot and I know she was getting hot too. She turn to
me and said if I would do what that man is doing. I said to her yes,
I don’t see nothing wrong with that. So she laugh in such a kinky way.
I start to kiss her navel with my tongue. I take my teeth to put down
her underwear, she was there telling me to stop it but I know she don’t
mean anything that she was saying. I stop for a little just to tell
her what was on my mind from I was a little boy growing up. So I told
her that I want to try it. She said try what, she don’t know what I
was talking about. I tell her that I want to suck her roses pussy.

She stop in a surprise way and look at me very good and said, “You
really want to do that?” I said to her, “Yes I see myself
as the person from the longest while.” Well she gave me the O.K.
and said go ahead. I suck that pussy from 1:00 until five pass two.
The way it nice her she turn into all kind of position. She said she
would love to do it more often and she also suck my cock. She say it
was nice. That was my first experience, so pretty pussy girl out there,
if you want to get contact with (me) please contact Mr. and Ms. Confessions
for my name and address and telephone number. I am now a pussy expert.
I will eat your pussy from under your skirt until you drop off the bed
to the dirt without you get hurt. Please keep up the good work Mr. Confessions.


Gregory Park, St. Catherine

One suck and that makes you an expert? I think not. MG

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