My First Teaching

My First Teaching

Dear Marcus,

My first pregnancy was at the age of fifteen when I wasn’t in school
and running my aunt’s bar in St. Elizabeth because I had not gotten
into school after trying for two months. They told me I had to be doing
three years to be admitted to the school so I started working. I worked
for about two months before I saw the brown skinned man that drove this
red van that made a lot of noise. He was tall and cute but I didn’t
like him then. He stopped and came into the bar and said, “Hi,
I am Ian,” and I said, “I am Shamella and this is my aunt
Gen.” Then they started talking and left me to work. Weeks passed
and he would stop and we would make small talks but he and my aunt became
good friends.

My aunt later told me that he was a deacon in training and that he
was inviting us to church, so she told me that if I wanted to go I could
go for she had no time anyway. I agreed and he came the Thursday night
to pick me up. U cudda hear di van from far with the noise the muffler
made. This went on for about a week. I would watch him on the pulpit
contributing to the service so I said to myself that he was o.k. and
began to like him. He would buy drinks and weed in the night after service
on our way home. He would offer me some and I took and we sometimes
go to a club and drink and dance. He started coming during the week
more often and we go out and did the same thing but one particular day
we didn’t go home and he called my aunt and told her we were going to
be late so we might stay by his mother but instead he rented a room
and we stayed there.

Once inside he told me to have a shower and I did even though I was
shy. He asked me if I wanted to learn something new and I said yes.
He told me to take off my clothes but I only had on the towel so I didn’t
want to but he pulled it of, threw me on the bed and
forced my legs open and dashed his head between. I wanted to scream
and enjoy it
but I was thinking more about him biting it or the way it smelled. Then
he took the tongue in and sucked on it. I held his head, then with pleasure
and fear. I was about to explode when he stopped and said not yet, then
he told me to set in
the backwards position and started sucking me again. I wanted to hold
anything but couldn’t. It was as if my fingers were numb! My body started
shaking, me eyes rolled! I wanted him to fuck me I so much but he would-1
n’t. I exploded in his mouth and he drank in everything and kissed me
deeply. He told me to come and do the same but I didn’t know what to
do so he showed me and I did but it tasted better than I thought so
I wonder if it could eat so I bit it slightly to see what would happen
and he seem to like it so I started to suck harder and pump and bite
harder but the second bite he jumped up and grab my head (hair) and
turn pink and red with anger but calm down and laid me down and inserted
his dick, wined a bit, smiled then started to go harder and harder.
I bite him and he fucked even harder for about twenty minutes and came
without withdrawal.

We slept for a while then fucked till the pussy wet, dried then wet
again, then dried then wet again then get vex and swell up and spit
out the cock and it couldn’t get back in again. It was pink and turned
red. When I go to the bathroom to cool it down it couldn’t wash. I couldn’t
walk properly. When I go home my aunt ask me what wrong. I told her
she is the van back because he had to take his mother to church with
him so she sit in the front and I ride at the back so my butt hurt but
my pussy is the type that round the back and I started complaining about
his mother so she never suspected.

Junction, St. Elizabeth

What the hell kind of deacon that? And girl, yuh lie like a
master. I wonder how you lied about the belly he gave you. MG

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