My friend is sleeping with three men

My friend is sleeping with three men

Dear Pastor,

I am 18 and I have boyfriend who is 19. I am living at home with my parents and grandparents. My parents treat me like a child. They don’t want me to go anywhere.

To get away from home, I have to lie. Sometimes I plan with my friends and meet up with my boyfriend. My best friend is very bad. She told me it is because I am a good girl why my parents are treating me like a child. She has three boyfriends. Two of them are in their 30s and one is in his 40s. She is having sex with all of them and she keeps a diary. She is living at home, but her parents don’t care what she does. She goes out whenever she pleases. My boyfriend and I meet at her house, and it was on her bed that I lost my virginity.

I don’t want to be bad. This girl takes money from her boyfriends. I don’t need to take money from mine. She says I am a fool. According to her, she can’t afford to give herself away for free and her boyfriends know that she has to take care of herself, so they give her money. My boyfriend is doing engineering, so he doesn’t have any money to give me, but I love him so much. One day my boyfriend and I were in her room having sex and I gave her my phone just in case my parents called, and that is exactly what happened. My mother called and she answered. She told my mother I was in the bathroom, so my mother told her to tell me not to be out late. This girl told me that I can keep my boyfriend, but I should find an older man who can help me. I am not going to do that, because I love my boyfriend and I love his family. He is very loving and I want to be true to him.

She showed me the different types of condom she uses. One day my boyfriend did not have any condoms. I told her and she gave me one to use. My boyfriend asked me where I got it from, so I called her and she told him she gave it to me. He said, ‘This girl is not easy.’ He does not want me to keep her as a friend. I asked him where would he take me to have sex with me and he said he did not know. Please give me your advice.


Dear L.,

You said that your parents are treating you like a child and you are not allowed to go anywhere. But to me that is not quite true, because there are times when you do go out.

You are able to go to this very bad girlfriend of yours and she has taught you to lie, and you and your boyfriend meet at her house and use her room to have sex. This is surely not a good girl, because she is having sex with three different men who are much older than her; and she is not ashamed to let you know that they pay her for sex. So she is behaving as a prostitute. I am sure that she does not like anyone calling her a prostitute, but she is. The question in my mind is, do these men know each other? Does she deal with them by appointment? There are girls who have different men, and these men never meet up because these girls have arranged the time for these men to come to their homes. I doubt this girl loves these men. What she loves is their money. She is a bad girl and she is influencing you, so you should not keep company with her. Your boyfriend told you that she was not a good girl for you to have as a friend; he is correct. Please do not consider taking her advice to have another boyfriend in your life. You are 18. Your boyfriend is studying engineering. You should try to go back to school and become a professional, too. Don’t go back to this girl’s house. Cut her off as a friend.


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