My Mother's Man

My Mother's Man

Dear Marcus,

I have been called a sleazy bitch by a lot of people, even by my own
mother. I have been fucking since I was 12, but I did my major and best
fuck when I was 19, and it gave me my present man who is 47 years old
and happen to be my mother’s man (ex-man). I happen to love him and
I did not know he was my mother’s man when I was first fucking him.
I met him one day in a store, he was buying panties for his girlfriend.
He came over to me, introduced himself as Mike and asked me which of
the two panties I preferred. I choose a red one, he said he choose that
one too and since we had so much in common as great minds think alike
we should go to lunch. I immediately agreed because I wanted spend time
with a man that was not afraid to buy panties for his woman. We went
to a near by restaurant and began getting to know each other. When I
learnt he was 46 and was turning 47 in the coming week I was shocked.
The man did not look his age.

We enjoyed each other’s company (so much) that we made a date for his
birth night. I asked him if he did not want to go with his girlfriend.
He said, “She is my age and she nah go weh mi waan go.” So
I agreed to go with him. The following week on his birth night we went
to a very prominent club in the area where we dance and drank for hours.
While we were dancing Mike kept on rubbing his cock against my pussy
and I stated getting wet. We were doing this for a long time when he
asked me if I wanted to come home with him, and I said yes. In the car
I took out his cock and start to suck on it. I sucked from the cock
head to the base. I loved the cock in my mouth. He started fucking my
mouth and talking dirty like, “Yuh fucking bitch, tek man big hood!”
His comments only got me wetter and I couldn’t wait to reach his house.
When we did we burst through the front door, kissing each other wetly.
He tore off my blouse and started kissing my breast. He moved his long
tongue around the globe of it without touching the nipple, which was
very hard by now. We both wanted to fuck each other so badly that he
throw me against the door and began finger me. I found a condom somewhere
and as soon as I put it on he pushed his cock all the way up in my pussy.
He did it with such a force that I thought that I was going to faint!
He slowly withdrew his cock until only the head was in my wet pussy.
Then he thrust it hard and fast into my cunt. I was over cloud twenty.
He turned me into the back shot position and continued ramming away
at my pussy. Soon he was saying, “Mi waan fuck with you pon top!”
I sat on his cock and I began wining away. I put my best wine into that
encounter. When he was cumming he bawled like a baby.

We fuck all night long and he brought me home in the morning. I did
not see him for a week and one Saturday evening he showed up at my house
with flowers telling me he broke up with his girlfriend to be with me.
Can you believe it? One fuck from me took away a woman’s man! We went
out for about two weeks when I told him my mother wanted to meet him,
so we went over her house for dinner the next Sunday. We had hardly
made it into the yard when my mother ran screaming from the house, “K…
what you doing with the raas son of a nasty whoring bitch?” To
say the least I was shocked and believe so was Mike. I asked them if
they know each other and my mother yelled, “A di nasty stinking
daag weh lef mi di adda dayl” I turned to Mike and he said it was
true. He said he did not know she was my mother, and that he loved me
and did not want to loose me over this. Can you guess what I did? Well
I choose the man over my mother. She became furious and started stoning
us out of her yard. We had to run to the car to avoid getting hit. She
has not spoken to me since. My sisters and brothers are angry with me,
but I don’t really care, even though I miss mommy I have my man and
I am four months pregnant. We are hoping for boy.


Negril, Westmoreland

I sure hope for your sake it’s not a girl…get my drift? By
the way, he didn’t know where your mother live? That don’t sound like
a strong and committed relationship to me. MG

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