My niece tried to seduce my husband

My niece tried to seduce my husband

Dear Pastor,

I am in my 40s. My husband is seven years younger than I am. We get along very well. I have a twin sister who has a 17-year-old daughter.

I always liked her as a niece and she always liked to be around me. Whenever she was out of school, she would ask her mother whether she could spend some time at our house, and I never turned her down. I am a teacher and my niece is very bright. She got very close to my husband.

I was not bothered about that, until one day my husband said that she was getting too familiar. He said that she asked him for some money and told him that he should not tell me. My husband became very concerned and asked her why he should not say anything. She told him that anything between them must never be known to anybody. So he told her that he would think about it. A few days later, she said that there was no reason for him to take so long to think about it, and if there was something he wanted from her, he should say so.

This girl is only 17 and we get along very well. As I said, she is bright, and I know she has a boyfriend. But what she told my husband caused me to believe that she is sexually active. So I asked her why she told my husband not to tell me that she asked him for money. I also asked what she meant when she said that whatever goes on between them should remain between them. She didn’t want to tell me, so I asked her if she meant sex and she said, “You can say so.”. I called her mother and told her that I was going to send her home. I told her why and she cursed me, because my niece told her that my husband was lying.

Now my sister and I are at war. My husband told me that I should not have told her anything, but Pastor, I could not keep that to myself. I can’t believe that my niece would come into my house and try to have an affair with my husband. I have tried to help this girl in many ways and I am disappointed in her, but I am more disappointed in her mother.


Dear P.,

You have a good husband and he has good morals. Some men become sexually involved with any girl who throws themselves at them. Your husband knew exactly what she meant when she said what she said. She was telling your husband that if it’s sex he wanted for the money, she was ready. You did the right thing by sending this girl home and by telling your sister what transpired between your husband and her daughter. It is sad that she did not tell her daughter that she was disappointed in her. You have not been careless, so do not blame yourself for what your niece told your husband. Although your sister is annoyed with you, I hope that she would take time to counsel her daughter; and I also hope that what happened would not keep you and your sister apart. Siblings need each other, and if there is any way you can assist your niece who may be in need of financial help from time to time, please do so. Thanks for writing.


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