My Profitable Weekend

My Profitable Weekend

Dear Marcus,

You people are doing a good job. I am 18 years old and have had a very
close friend for the past 3 years. Let me tell you, she got it all going
for her. She is always meeting rich guys and is always getting a lot
of money from them. It all started when she meet this guy who is the
general manager of a very popular hotel in Negril. He told her that
he wanted her to come spend a week or two at the hotel so she told him
that she will be taking along her best friend (that’s me) and he said
no problem. That evening I quickly pack my bag and went to her home
to wait on the drive that he had send for us. I was sitting on her bed
putting on some make-up when she comes in the room to tell me that the
drive was here. I was so excited I grabbed my bag and went behind her
to the car, which was a Mark II and it looked like it has just come
off the wharf. That get me more excited; to be driving in a Mark II
and I always dreamt of driving in one. On our way we talked but not
much. The only things we talked about was what we saw on the road. When
we finally reached the hotel, I was so nervous. The driver got out of
the car and told us to follow him. We did as he said and he took us
to the general manager’s office. Paul (not his real name), was not bad
looking and he was white and most of all he was so friendly. He acted
like he had know me for years. We were there talking and laughing until
this man walk into the office smiling. My girlfriend know him but I
did not. She called him Floyd (not real name) and hugged him. Then she
introduced me to him. For a while we talked and exchange jokes then
my girlfriend said she was ready to go to her room. Paul put on our
arm bands and gave us the key.

When we got to the room it was so nice. I started jumping on the beds.
Them we began watching the sex station. By watching it I got very horny.
As I was about to finger myself we heard knocks on the door. I quickly
went to open the door and saw Floyd and Paul. The first thing Floyd
did was hug me and said “Hi” while Paul came in the room,
got down on his knees and started sucking my girlfriend’s pussy, just
like that. I was so surprised! I have never seen anything like that
for real before. I could not take my eyes off them till Floyd get my
attention by doing the same thing to me. He led me to the bed, pushed
me back gently, pulled down my shorts and panty and buried his face
in my pussy. I was so surprised I couldn’t resist. It was so sweet,
it sweet caan dun! I was in heaven! The fact that I was already horny
from watching the blues channel didn’t help. While he was there sucking
away and I was there enjoying every bit of it and was about to come,
the fucking walkie-talkie, the radio that they walk with, said the both
of them should come to the front desk, it’s important. I was so vex.
Him did not even wait till me come, him just get up and said he will
see me later. Can you imagine how I must feel?

Anyway me and my girlfriend get a shower and went to get something
to eat. Then we went to the games room, play a few games then went back
to our room. As I went in the room I started drinking from our mini
bar. I drink Appleton and Pepsi then some rum cream, which get me so
high and more horny.

We were there watching the sex station for about 5 minutes when we
hear knocks on the door again. My girlfriend went to get the door; it
was Paul and Floyd again. As he come in the room I started kissing him
(Floyd). I did not want to but the liquor I was drinking made it hard
for me to control myself. Then he asked me if I would like to come to
his room. I said yes very fast. We went to the room, leaving my friend
and Paul. As we got in the room we start kissing and taking off each
other’s clothes. He gently laid me down on the bed and put my I legs
apart. Then he started sucking my pussy as if he was a baby sucking
his mother’s breast. He sucked it till I cum 3 times, then he put on
his condom and start to push in his cock. It was so big, it was 1 1/2
times my man’s own. Not ever donkey can beat him! He was there trying
to put it in but it would not go in. He had to rub some oil on my pussy
and on his condom for half of it go in. When it was going in it felt
like when I first had sex. It was so painful. He was working with the
half that was in till I hear him said he was cumming. When him cum it
was at that time mi just want it. He said he would give me more later
on in the night.

We both went to the shower and rinse off, then I went back to my room
to see what my girlfriend up to. When I got there
Paul wasn’t there. He had gone to his room, so me and my friend went
to dinner and after to the nightly entertainment
that the hotel has. At the entertainment Floyd told me that he and Paul
had to go to Kingston to look about some business
and they would not come back till the next day. I said, “O.K.,
see you tomorrow.” When the entertainment was over me my girlfriend
went to the disco to get our freak on. Every other minute you would
see us at the bar. About 1 hour pass and
my girlfriend said that she was ready. I told her I am not so she said
that she was leaving me. I told her, “O.K., later.” I
started dancing and drinking again. I was so drunk but it felt good.
A few minute pass since my friend had gone. These
two white guys come over to ask me if they can dance with me. I said
yes and we danced for a while till I told them I was
ready to go to my room. They ask me if I was alone. I told them I was
here with my girlfriend. They said they gonna
company me to my room because I was drunk and every time I walk they
notice I was always bouncing up in something.
Then one of them took my hand and lead me to my room; at lease that
was what I thought they were doing because I told
them the room number, but instead they took me to their room. I am sure
I knew what was going on but could not help it.

They laid me on the bed and started taking off my clothes. Then one
start sucking my pussy and the other push his cock in my mouth. I start
sucking it as if I have done it many times before but it was my first
time. I did it till my mouth get tired. He stopped and start suck my
breast. Then the one who was sucking my pussy start fucking me. Damn,
that white cock felt so good.

Then they told me to change position, which I quickly did. Then the
other one start fucking my pussy. To my surprise the next one start
to fuck my butt. I started to scream because it really hurts. I was
screaming so loud that the one who was fucking my pussy had to push
his tongue in my mouth to stop me from screaming so loud. He was there
fucking my butt for a while till I stop screaming because the pain was
gone. When he saw that he take his tongue out of my mouth and start
to fuck my pussy at that moment I was being fucked in my pussy and butt.
We fuck till the three of us come one after the other and we went to
sleep just as we were.

In the morning I was awaken by the talking of the two guys. I was so
mash up I could not even walk that good. The first thing they say to
me was, “Hi baby, how was last night?” I said I don’t know.
Then they introduced themselves to me and told me that they were from
the States and that I was so good last night. Believe me I was so ashamed.
I took my clothes, put it on and told them bye. As I was about to walk
through the door one of them give me a bag that looks like a gift bag,
and tell me that they will see me around and that they love me so much.
Anyway I did not open the bag till I went in my room. When I reach at
my room door I knocked and my girlfriend opened the door. She said that
she just got up and notice that I was not in the room so I told her
what happened and she said she want to meet the guys. I said if I saw
them again. Then we opened the bag. To my surprise inside I saw US$700
and $10,000 Jamaica dollars along with two bottles of perfume.

When we went to breakfast we saw them and I give them my number and
address. That same evening me, my girlfriend, Paul and Floyd went out
to a party then we went back to the hotel. That night we fucked and
this time all his cock go in. From that day until now all I want is
to be with two guys at one time or even three. I have one more to tell
you about me and my girlfriend but next time.


Initials withheld, Montego Bay, St. James

I hope those two white guys never gave you something you didn’t
bargain for.

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