My Two-Foot Donkey

My Two-Foot Donkey

Dear Marcus,

First let me congratulate you on the wonderful work you have been doing.
I must let you know that I enjoyed reading your website. This is also
my first time writing you. I am a 37 years old female who only has one
steady relationship at present. I was in a relationship that last 16
years and did not know I would give up my lover and husband for no one
else until I met Mr. Big Hood.

Is like my husband and I had separated because of his behaviour. I
could no longer cope with him. I met Mr. Big Hood, let’s call him Bigga
and we both fell in love after dating for three months. We decided to
start our new sex life in a hotel. At that time I did not have a lot
of experience as I was only having one affair as I said before. I didn’t
even have the experience of going to a hotel.

Anyway when I got to the hotel, I asked Bigga to get in the shower
(with me). He refuses so I became suspicious. He wanted me to shower
before him but I decided that both of us should shower at the same time.
I nearly fainted at the sight of what I saw! He was a two-foot donkey.
When we got in bed I was a bit nervous but he was nice, loving and gentle.
I could not ride that donkey 100% but I tried and did not regret. We
are living together now; it’s been six years now and I love and enjoy
every minute of it.

This huge cock is sometimes hard to get in my pussy but when it reaches
inside it is so sweet. It cleans every crebes (crevice) and corner of
my inside. I would scream and giggle and wine with my two legs wide
as an ocean to take every inch of it. I like when he place me at the
front of the bed with half of my body hanging over my feet over his
shoulder. I watch Mr. Big Wood. He has worked like never before with
sweat running in his eyes and mouth. Each time he stroke his cock would
get stiffer in my pussy. He takes it out and put it in back continually
and keep stroking me on my ass that would be still wining to the beat
of the vibrator in fast and slow motion.

Mr. Big Wood knows I am the one who like to finish the job so I order
him to lay on his back. I climbed on top of my donkey. We started to
kiss passionately as my pussy would be moist with more
come juice. I then started to ride and ride and start whipping his ass
as I was getting 95 out of him and still need full hundred. He loves
every minute of it. He would start to speak unknown tongues and start
making commitment but most of all he likes to say, “I love you
pussy it’s sweet, it’s spicy. Did you put sugar in there? A next woman
never fuck me like you! Your pussy is the sweetest ever known! I want
you every minute of my life! Every time we fuck you pussy is sweeter!
Can I sleep with my cock in your pussy?” That time I would be fucking
him without mercy. I would just be giving him the tummy muscles and
a few tick tock and most of all let my pussy move in a vibrant way.
Then we are both ready to come. He would say, “Come off me, I can’t
take it, it too sweet! It a go kill me and me no wah dead left it!”
I would then clutch to the curtain at my window for survival as I shattered
my juice on his belly. I would hug and kiss him for the j next fifteen
minutes and congratulate him for the great job he did then the next
thing I know my donkey would be fast asleep. There is a whole lot more
I to tell but a next time.


N.W Kingston

Mind you get ‘body come down’ from that big hood!

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