My Uncle's Girl

My Uncle's Girl

Dear Marcus,

One day I went to visit my uncle’s girlfriend in St. Mary. So when
I reach she wasn’t there, only her mother was. She told me to wait,
she just went down the road by a shop to buy something. For about fifteen
minutes I wait. I don’t see her coming, I saw one of her cousin come
and ask me if me related to her cousin boyfriend. I said yes. For about
10 minutes we were talking then my uncle’s girlfriend appear right out
of the blue sky. Then me and her went in her room and talk. She started
to talk about my uncle, how his cock is too little and it can’t satisfy
her. So she turn on the TV and put it on the blues channel. So she started
to ask me some sex argument. So I ask her if she feel horny. She said
yes. I didn’t want to have sex with her. She ask me if I can do those
stuff what was going on the TV. She said, “You want me to give
you a little piece? Your uncle won’t know.” I didn’t answer her.
She said, “You are afraid of woman?” I said no. She started
to tease and that made me horny. I just take out my cock through my
zip and roll on a Durex condom. She sigh as if this is the biggest cock
she ever see.

I just roll her over and enter from backshot. She said it’s like a
razor cutting out her flesh. I said to her, “Big cock you want
big cock you get!” She was bleeding like hell, crying out.”
She called my uncle’s name like baby. She cum about 3 times before my
first cum. Then she push me off her and said I must go home now before
her mother finds out. I just put in my cock and zip up my pants. Blood
was on my pants. She called about two days later and tell me she had
inside bleeding and it’s my cock cause it and she also had a split.
She picked up two stitches. All now my uncle don’t know nothing. I called
him little boy but he don’t know why. That girl love me so like cook
food. She started to visit me more often for me to fuck her in her ‘inside
bleeding’ hole.

Ocho Rios, St.Ann

What a woman wicked to herself. MG

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