My wealthy lover wants a prenup

My wealthy lover wants a prenup

Dear Pastor,

I am in my mid-20s and I am having a relationship with a divorcee. He is in his 50s. He has four children, one of whom is living at the house. She hardly stays at the house since I got involved with her father and he has been taking me there.

This woman is two years older than I am. Whenever she sees me, she is very cordial, but I don’t know what she has in her mind. It took about four months before I started to sleep with her father. I do not have children. This man is not against us having a child together, but he says that if we were to get married we would have to sign a prenup.

I am not against signing a prenup because I have nothing. He has a house, where he lives, and two town houses. He said his children should get whatever he has now, and whatever we work and earn together I should get, so people won’t be able to say that I marry him because he has wealth.

I discussed this with some of my friends and they said I should not agree to sign a prenup. Pastor, what do you think about this?


Dear J.,

I would suggest that you discuss this matter with a lawyer. I remember officiating at a wedding where the bride was asked by the groom to sign a document. I look at the document and realised that it was a prenuptial agreement, which outlines how they plan to share their respective assets should the marriage fail.

The bride’s father was standing there when the groom gave her the document. He did not seem shocked at all. It seems it was something she had agreed to do before they said their vows. I did not make any comment, but the bride signed it before she signed the marriage register.

I don’t have any further comments to make in this matter.


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