Never Thought I Would Bow!

Never Thought I Would Bow!

Dear Confessions,

I was in a relationship that last for a while. I am from Kingston, and
met this sweet and sexy browning from St. Catherine who can fuck. Any
position she wine. We had sex on couple occasion; on this one it was
different. What to be a sweet and wonderful night turn out to be a sour
one. That night she came to my place to spend the night with me. We
went and shower and then head for the bedroom to make love. I started
slow by sucking on her ears. Then run my tongue to her lips and kiss
her soft then deep and rub my nose with hers. I suck her breast with
my tongue for a while. Then I make love to her body. She was calling
out my name Mark, “Oh Mark suck my pussy.” It never happen
so she stops me. She was cursing an saying if I am not going to suck
her pussy, somebody will do it for me. She said come fuck me. The vibes
was not there but you know how we men are, that part of the work got
to be done. We fuck in all different position that night until we cum
or rather until I cum. In the morning we have a little argument an I
say to her, “Before you go in to the next relationship tell that
person that you go the extra mile.” She left and I never saw her
again. It’s being a month and no pussy for me. So I turn to a sex chat
room for that special someone. Little did I know what I was getting
in to.

After sending couple text and my number I was hook up with this girl.
I would call her Miss Tight Pussy. I text her an she send me her number.
I text am 24 years old from Kingston, dark complexion, brown eyes and
two dimple to die for. She text me ‘I am from Westmoreland and I am
20 years of age. I have dark complexion, tall, have big ass and gap
teeth’. To cut a long story short we text and ask what me like and dislike.
After getting to know each other we change the topic to sex, what position
we like. I told her I like backshot and to my surprise she say 69 position.
My reply was like this; “I don’t suck pussy but I don’t have no
problem with who does it.” She say one day you will an I am asking
you if you ever get your dick suck. I said no. That is why you don’t
suck pussy.” I really like her personality and like how she is
straight forward. I say we can be friend and maybe call each other sometime.
She told me she really like me and want to suck my dick and fuck my
brain out. I didn’t know she have sometime up her sleeve for me.

We set a date to meet the next Saturday at Spanish Town Shopping Centre.
We call each other everyday to see how we were doing. For the rest of
the week all I could do is just think about that suck my dick is going
to get. She call me about 8:10 a.m. Saturday, an ask how was I doing.
I said ok and I was fixing up my place for you. I told her later and
to call me when she is leaving out. She call 10:00 and told me that
she is on her way on a taxi. She say everything is okay. I leave home
12:15 p.m. and check a friend that live at Duncan’s Pen. While there
cooling out she call and say that she soon reach. I leave my friend
house about two o’clock on my way back to Spanish town. She call and
ask where I am. I told her she can identify me by the # 3 Paco T-shirt
I am wearing and dark blue jeans. She told me what she was wearing and
she was standing right beside the ATM machine inside. When I reach and
saw her, it was what a man need to see in a woman. She was so sexy in
her blue Jeans and belly skin blouse. I went over where she was and
greet her and said, “I am Mark and you are?” She said, “I
am Miss Tight Pussy.” We walk and tour the place for a while. Then
went to get a drink and then we went to KFC to grab something an head
to my place.

On our way to my place I just sit an hold each other hands and looking
into each other eyes. When we reach my stop she say the area look cool
an the feeling is great. We went into the house that I living an in
to my room and she take off her clothes as she reach. She look so damn
sexy an skin clean an pretty. I give her a T-shirt to put on. She went
to lay down on the bed. I went to sit on the sofa. The remote was on
the bed so she turn on the TV an ask what I channel is BET. I told her
69 and she laugh an look at me. I went over to her and kiss her on the
lips for a while, then started to (take off my pant and shirt, return
to what I just did an started over again. Then take off her T-shirt
an bra an panty. She close her eyes. I run my hand on her breast, then
started to stick my tongue in her ears. Then I nibble on them. I suck
on the breast and rub and run my tongue all over her body. “Ooh
that felt so good,” she said. I then started to suck her nipple
and rub my finger on her pussy clit an every now and then finger fuck
her. She moan an cry out my name, “Mark it feel so good,”
Then it was my time to enjoy what I just given to her plus more. She
roll me over an take control of me. Started by sticking her tongue in
my ears an run it all over my ears. She kiss me deep and caress my body.
She make slow kiss up and down on my chest and grab my dick and waving
it in her hand, lick the head and suck on it. I was enjoying ever moment
of it. She suck my dick like her life depend on it. She stop an say,
“Fuck me.” I reach for a condom, slide it on. Started to tease
her with my dick by rubing it on her clit. “What the fuck are you
doing? Fuck me now,” she say. I comply with her request. She turn
back we enter slow in that tight pussy. Her pussy was wet but hard go
in. She was pushing me away. I reach in finally. I fuck it pussy like
it will be my last one. We fuck in all different position that evening.
She was saying, “Fuck me Mark, fuck it out. A your pussy. Fuck
me, fuck me harder, harder. “Woo I’m cumming.” She was there
enjoying herself and fling it up. I fuck her harder and harder. I jam
and stab that pussy like I was crazy man. I dig that pussy until I cum.
That fuck was great.

We lay there on the bed just smiling at each other. We cool off and
then get a shower together. Then we eat over cold chicken and watch
TV. Later in the night we repeat it. We did the same the Sunday and
the Monday morning before she goes home. The Monday morning we make
love and a strange thing happen. She was sucking my dick so fucking
good, that I told her to put her pussy in my face. When I lick that
clit, it taste fuck up but after doing it for a couple minutes it smell
and taste different. She told me to suck that clit and then tongue fuck
her. She went wild and crazy. I was enjoying my receiving and giving
suck. I tongue fuck that pussy until she cum in my face, and then I
fuck the day light out of her, but that will be another story.

All I’m asking if there is any woman want or need their pussy to suck
and fuck link me up. Even if a uptown you come from. Yow, all you sex
machine out there who love to fuck bare back think twice. Life is good
and we should live every moment of it like it is our last one. Wear
a condom all the time please.


C.T. Kingston 19

You seem to getting all the pussy you need all by yourself.

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