Night Gone Wild

Night Gone Wild

Dear Marcus,

I really enjoy your website. I have several confessions to make, but
let me tell you about my first lesbian experience. Two years ago I was
engaged to this guy but had to break it off for numerous reasons. About
a year ago I saw Jay (not his real name) in Port Maria with his new
girlfriend. We started talking and he told me he was sorry for what
he did that cause us to break up and he hope I could forgive him. I
said yes I forgive you and we exchanged phone numbers to keep in touch.

I had really missed him because he was the only guy who I met who could
really suck my pussy until I come and give me a good fuck too. So we
started calling each other until eventually we started fucking again
in his car, even at his house. He would pick me up after work, take
me to his house and suck and fuck me like there was no tomorrow. This
continued for a few months. One day Jay called to say that a woman he
knows thinks I have a great body and she would like a piece of me. I
was instantly aroused because it has really been my fantasy to make
love to a woman. I was curious to know which woman he was talking about
so I told him to let the woman call me herself. Later that evening my
phone rang, it was the mystery woman but only it was his current girlfriend.
Marie told me that she liked me very much and she would love to suck
my clitoris and taste my love juice. Confessions, mi cum instantly when
she said that!

We arranged to get together later that week at their house. I could
hardly wait. The day finally came for me to go to their house. Jay came
for me at work and took me home. When we arrived Marie was waiting for
us in the kitchen with two wine glasses. She handed us the glasses and
the went to tuck her son in bed. I took a sip then I went into the bathroom
to take a shower. Jay went into the other bathroom to shower also. I
was a bit nervous but excited at the same time. After we showered we
all went into the bedroom where we started to watch an x rated movie.
Jay excused himself and went into the living room leaving Marie and
I in the bedroom. Being the adventurous type of person I am, I made
the first move. I started to slowly caress her legs. I could tell she
was enjoying it because she was letting out some soft moans. I then
place my mouth on her breasts and sucked on her nipples. The moans started
to get louder and louder. I ran my fingers down her back and darted
my tongue in and out of her ears. My tongue was all over her body. I
was like a pro. I gave her a deep and passionate kiss. She smiled at
me. I got off the bed and slowly took off her panty, then I started
to rub on her clitoris. I slowly inserted a finger in her juicy pussy.
I was now finger fucking her and she was loving it.

She then got up and started kissing me, sucking on my breast and my
neck. She slowly took off my panty then she buried her face in my pussy.
I could tell she was an expert because after a few minutes I was exploding
n her mouth. She then licked me dry. We were lying down on the bed and
then the bedroom door flung open and there in front of us was another
woman. She jumped on the bed and Marie introduced us. The girl has a
body to die for! She was so sexy. My pussy started to jump just looking
at her from head to toe. Being that I was the newcomer I allowed the
pros to show me how it was done. Tanya and Marie were amazing. It was
as if they knew each other forever. Marie sat on Tanya’s face and she
made sure she was totally satisfied. While Marie was on Tanya’s face
I buried my face in Tanya’s pussy and suck on her clit and finger fucked
her. She was wining harder and harder on my fingers. I was in for a
real treat that night because Marie and Tanya decided to make this night
one that I would not forget. The two girls began to work their magic
on me. It was fucking unbelievable and so incredible what they did to
me. Even now writing this letter my pussy is wet.

Jay came in the room at this point. It was now his turn to have his
way with us. He told us to lie on the bed facing him, which we did.
He then started to suck Marie’s pussy. She was moaning so loudly, the
neighbours must have heard us. After he sucked her he inserted his 9-inch
cock in her juicy pussy.

He took his cock out of Marie and put it into Tanya’s pussy. I was
the last to be fucked by Jay, which I didn’t mind because I enjoy seeing
the cock moving in and out of the pussy. I really get off on this. The
night was not yet over. Jay told us to bend over on the bed. He fucked
us in the same order but when it was my turn he fucked me the hardest.
I could tell by the heavy thrust back and forth. We were all exhausted
after this long night of passion or so I thought. I didn’t cum the last
time. I wanted to cum so badly so I started to caress Tanya until she
was aroused. She gave me a few pointers as to how I should rub the clitoris
with my fingers. Soon she was cum-ming all over my fingers. She the
proceeded to satisfy me in every way. Shortly afterwards I was cumming.
We then all went to sleep.

In the morning I was awakened by Jay. He took me out to the living
room on a love seat and just pushed my panty aside and rammed his cock
into my dry pussy. It was real hot but fucking fantastic at the same
time. Jay just kept rammimg and rammimg his cock and I kept saying,
“Harder, harder baby!” We fucked doggie style and with my
foot on his shoulder that morning. I rather the doggie style, that’s
my favourite. He really gave me a hot but great fuck that morning. I’ll
let you know what happen the next time I went back there.


M.R St. Mary

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