Night Nurse

Night Nurse

Dear Marcus,

I am a young nurse working in a nursing home with a very nice figure.
Also I have it in the face. I have known my boo since high school. It’s
been rocky but we got through. I just couldn’t see it me loving him
and even more he loving me even greater on this day after what I’ve
put him through, but all that have been change. We were celebrating
our 4th year of togetherness. Passion, love, ecstasy and agony were
in the air. I send him a text for his time telling him how much I want
to drive him wild, how much I want to fuck his brains our and set him
on a high. I got home from work and prepare him dinner, got a bath and
went around the corner shop to get me some real high grade (yes, don’t
watch the profession, some time a girl got to do what a girl got to
do). I reach home (and) I find my baby waiting for me. I light me a
big head and we both share it. Then it was time to get down to business.
I stripped him naked and sat him in a chair. Then I stuck is 9″cock
in my mouth and give him the blow job of his life. I blow that rock
hard dick till he begged me to fuck him and I did. I got up and fucked
him, the chair couldn’t hold us any longer. So he took me to the bathroom
and lace me properly on the face basin. Damn that man can fuck! He fuck
me till we both climax but when you are high on weed you have to fuck
till you hear cock crow and day light. We were at it non stop. I gave
my baby the time of his life and I’m still doing it even on this day.


Initials withheld. May Pen, Clarendon

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