No Ring, No Thing

No Ring, No Thing

Dear Marcus,

I am a19 years old who loves your magazine and is grateful for the
opportunity to write and share with you. My story began when I was 16
years old. I met a 26 year old man by the name of Ian. We had a social
relationship for 3 months, then he called one day saying he had to leave
the next week for a couple of weeks. The night before he left he called
me to his house where we had a long conversation in which he went on
knees begging me to wait for him. I made no promises but after thinking
about it I decided to wait.

After six weeks Ian was back in the island and boy was I happy to see
him. We continued our relationship until one night we were at his house.
As usual we started making out. He sucked on my breasts and fingered
me. This really moved him as I never allowed him to go that far as to
even participate. He started to take off my clothes. I was a little
shy at first but warmed to the idea as he kissed me along the way. He
turned down the lights as the song, “some people wait for a lifetime
for a moment like this” played. He kissed me from sole to crown
and I didn’t hesitate to open my legs as he reached my navel. He nibbled
on my clit while rubbing his fingers over my nipples. I had no idea
what to do but after I watched so many blue movies I started to moan,
call his name and wine in his face. After I came and he was about to
put it in, I stopped him. I was so upset! “Weh de condom?”
“Babes you really want your first time to be in a condom? I promise
you I’m clean.” “Ian, I can promise you I’m gonna marry you,
it don’t mean one hell hole. All I know, no ring no thing.” He
got off the bed and while putting on the condom he said, “You have
just gained my respect. That was only a test. Diseases are being spread
by the little girls who are afraid to say use a condom.” I am now
19 years old, teaching at a basic school and Ian and I had sex with
out a condom for the first time last month after our checkup and HIV
test came out negative. So until next time, muuaaa!

Bridgeport, St. Catherine

You’re a smart girl, but be a little smarter. At 19 you don’t
need a baby in your life. Go and further your education. MG

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