On The Road Again… And Again

On The Road Again… And Again

Dear Marcus,

My man has an 8″ dick to kill for. We went to Negril on a Sunday
at Bluefields beach. We had a wonderful time there eating, swimming
and floating. It started getting dark so we decided to leave. We took
a shower, got dressed and hit the road to the Jungle. It was about 9:00
when we got there. The fun and excitement didn’t start yet. I didn’t
want to stay because all was on my mind was making love. I told him
I didn’t want to stay. He asked me where I wanted to go and I said home.

While driving home, it came to my mind to unbuckle his belt and start
some sensual pleasure to his cock. I put my hand on his tummy and started
rubbing him down. I tried to unbuckle his belt but it was difficult
so he unbuckled it himself and that’s when the fun started. I gently
stroke his cock, lick and suck on it. We were in so much heat and enjoying
what’s going on. I don’t know how he managed to concentrate on the road
and pleasure at the same time. When it comes to love making, he is the
man. I was there sucking his dick for about an hour. Shortly after that
he saw a turn off and pulled over.

We hurriedly got out of the car, I slipped out of my panty, he slid
on a condom while kissing me and trying to penetrate me on the back
of the car. I felt his dick gently sliding in and out, then he sunk
his 8″ dick in my sweet, juicy pussy hole. Man that felt good.
We started in the missionary position then back shot, his favourite.
He fucked me hard and slow. I said, “Fuck me baby, I love your
dick, I love the way you handle mi pussy” “Baby yuh pussy
sweet, how yuh pussy suh sweet? Baby it a drive mi crazy! It was about
45 minutes before I heard him saying, “Baby mi
a cum!” He shot his big load in the condom, shortly after I came,
screaming his name, “Jayyy!”

We clean up and left. We past home and took a turn off at Gutters.
We started kissing, then he sucked my breasts gently while fingering
my already wet, sweet pussy. He put his finger in his mouth and suck
my pussy juice off it. That turn me on more. “Baby can I eat your
pussy?” I said, “Yes, go ahead.” I quickly let down the
front seat and cock up on it. He gently place his hot mouth on my clit
and suck on it and rotated his tongue around it, then stuck his tongue
in and out of my pussy. “Man that felt fucking good,’ I said. Shortly
after he touch the spot until again. I cum, yelling his name. I returned
the favour; sucked, licked on his dick and rotate my tongue around his
balls and suck on them. That turns him on. I suck and stoke his dick
until he shouted, “Baby I’m cum-mimg!” I just rest forward
so he could shot his load on my breast. We cleaned up, got dressed and
went home.


Initials withheld Bull Savannah, St. Elizabeth.

What- you people don’t live anywhere? MG

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