One Night's Misadventure

One Night's Misadventure

Dear Marcus,

(I) am a regular of your website and the stories are interesting even
though I think a lot of them is really stupid, but you get it print
it and we’ll read it. (I) have had enough experience to full your website
without any ads. I was living and working in Grand Cayman and trust
me, that’s the wildest place on earth when it comes to wacky shit. I’ve
had enough crazy ass woman stuff to last me a life time and (I) am gonna
share one experience with you if you promise not to print my name because
my girlfriend reads your book more than I do. Here (is) one of my many

It was Sunday afternoon and my sister asked me to accompany her to
the airport to pick up her cousin (which isn’t my cousin because we
share different mothers). Well I didn’t have anything to do so I went.
After all that wait at the airport her cousin finally came through the
door and greet my sister with a hug and began to walk away without noticing
me. I said, “What about me, am I a glass?” My sister said
she was sorry and introduce us and we went home. Since we were living
at the same house I knew I was going to get a chance to talk to her
-my sister cousin- and get to know her a bit.

Well getting to know her (Suzie was her name), didn’t do anything for
me because I found out she has a boyfriend and was going to spend her
time with him. He’s a police officer really and what Suzie saw in this
man beats me; short ass midget with a real ugly face and a big Spanish
mouthstach. I laugh when I met the guy but you know every hoe has it
stick a bush. Anyway that was that and they went home, leaving me to
wonder and trying to make all kind of deal with my sister to give me
the number to the house so I could call her any chance I get. I did
manage to get my sissy to give me Suzie number and I did call her first
thing Monday morning when I went to work. It was the ugly man who answer
the tele and he though we were cousins since I am my sister’s brother
so it was easy to call and talk without any suspicions. I told her Suzie
that if she give me directions I’d come and look for her when I leave
work as big boss would be working the night shift. I went, I manage
to convince her to come home with me and she did and it seems as if
she likes me as she was getting all personal with me. I even convince
her to stay the night, which she did but nothing happens as he share
bed with my sister. That whole night I was up, way up! I was imagining
all kinda shit! You need to see Suzie nice big legs, broad hips, real
small waist, supple breast and her face – oh my god her face is that
of an angel. I was fucking Suzie in my imaginations.

I wasn’t to be denied. Morning come. I called sick caz I know my sister
would be going to work and even if ugly man come and get her it wouldn’t
be till about 9:30 -10:00 am by then I would be working all kind of
magic. Anyway, we were alone and I made her breakfast and chat and I
did lay my cards on her- let her know how I feel and that I wish if
she’d stay with us but she manage to hide any similar feelings towards
me. Days turn to week and it was Friday. My sister never comes home
on a Friday and knowing this I convince Ms. Sweetness to come over so
we can chat again and by seven Mr. Mention drop her off at the house
and off to work he goes. Any way, long story short- we start fucking
and she like the fuck so that she move out of “Sonny Boy”
house and in with me. Her time (stay on the island) run out and she
went home, taking with her pictures of me to show of her prize possession.

Three weeks later she came back and this time I was to play host to
my beautiful guest. Honestly couldn’t wait to see my “beauty queen”
again and indeed she appear through| those doors that lead to the waiting
area at the air- I port looking all sexier than ever, wearing a blue
cotton tight fit dress (I still got that picture) showing off her assets
making those “hungry dawgs” mouth drool with lust. I was the
man knowing I was the one who’s gonna fuck her tonight. I did get my
hug, kiss and of course I had to squeeze her ass, stamping my authority,
letting it be known that she is mine. “Honey I am waiting for my
friend,” she said. I hope she won’t stay long caz I want to drag
off that sexy dress that covers that sexy frame. “Your friend,”
I asked. “Yes, I came with my friend Sandy,” she told me.
Well how long can she be really? Every one almost out so I didn’t think
I had long to wait and finally she came out. Sandy was fat but beautifully
so and she dress really well, you know girl from up town, wearing a
brown pants suit with hair shoulder length and sporting a beautiful

I was greeted with, “is this your W..? He looks better than the
picture.” I really was blushing and I didn’t say anything. W meet
Sandy my friend and co-worker. Sandy meet W, my husband to be,”
Suzie introduced. Sandy was complaining straight away that she was hungry
and she didn’t want any cook food so I suggest Burger King and off we
go. I know the regular woman thing that they were gonna talk about and
I didn’t want to get in her way so I sat by myself looking out the sea
while they sat and enjoy their burgers and of course the gossip. We
were about to leave when Suzie said, “W, Sandy said she want to
fuck you!” Honestly, I just laugh as I didn’t think that was worth
responding to and we all head straight to my place where Sandy stayed
for awhile till her mother call and came to pick her up! That night
my queen and I made love all night. It was good, no great as usual and
she didn’t make anymore mention of what she told me earlier and I wasn’t
interested either as I have the pussy of my life in my house, in my
bed, to do as I please. I noticed though every evening when I come home
from work she’d tell me the same thing as if she is up to something
or I am undergoing a test of some kind. “W.. you woman come look
fi you but she affi left before yuh come,” referring to Sandy.

Monday turn to Friday and we make plans to go clubbing. I came home
early, go get a hair cut and looking all handsome and believe it or
not I didn’t have another pussy on my mind as my Suzie is a complete
woman. Other than her award-winning sexual experience, she’s a terrific
cook, trust me- a complete woman (too bad I have a girlfriend). Sandy
came over looking all sweet and dandy and my prize was the catch of
the night, wearing a see through dress (tempting and likely to be very
tasty, the way I like it), having all the men at the club bigging me
up for having the queen by my side. When we went in “ugly man”
(the police) was there having a drink and sporting a young chick. Suzie
went over to say hello, leaving me with the smashing Sandy looking good
and ready to work her magic. Music was blasting and I was having to
put my mouth to Sandy ear as she was talking to me. “Yuh no jealous
Suzie a talk to Michael?” No, I said, skanking to the reggae beat
and sipping a beer I order at the bar. “So wha bout yuh, yuh naah
fine a little man fi spar wid tinite,” I question Sandy. “A
yuh mi want,” she answer. I played my cool as I was now convince
more than ever that this was a plan and I wasn’t gonna fall for it as
Suzie was talking away, with Michael ignoring his date while Sandy was
hitting on me. It was clear. We all hit the dance floor and I was undisputedly
the man as I was there dancing up a storm with two beautiful girls and
Sandy didn’t want to dance with any one else despite numberless tries
from other men. Suzie and Sandy was drinking Heineken and I was drinking
Guinness but truth be told I change my vibes. No man is gonna be getting
pussy on a platter and refuse even if it means not getting anymore pussy
from princess black. Club over. Suzie is drunk from drinking too many
Heineken, start talking and doing crazy stuff and on the other hand
Sandy was tipsy (or so she say) so it’s double the trouble for me but
I’ve been in shitty situations before. The difference this time is I
was being pussy whipped by Suzie unmatched ability. We reached home
and Sandy was playing assistant to me as dear Suzie was so drunk she
couldn’t walk from the car to the door. We’re inside and am putting
her to bed, and that was easy caz dear Suzie was fast asleep too soon.
Sandy was spending the night and so I gave her a shirt and ask her to
sleep on the small bed as I am gonna watch my piss drunk woman but when
she came out of the shower she decline and incline to sleep on the same
bed wit Suzie and I. Suzie was asleep and here is some available pussy,
why not? We start getting naked. Her body was beautiful even in the
dim light of the night. I was gonna make good use of my chance.

We started kissing each other when she stop and said, “From mi
si yuh Sunday mi know mi affi fuck yuh.” A woman of her own heart,
I had to give in. We kissed passionately as she stroke her way adventurously
exploring every part of my body. I grab her hair, pulling on it hard
as she licked my dick. She’s the expert. I know I want to taste that
fat, bald pussy so I poke my fingers inside her and her river came running
warm juice. I pull my hand out and taste it. It was too good to be hers.
She call out my name, telling me the length of time she hasn’t fuck.
“Fuck me now W,” she screamed. “I want you to fuck me
till day light!” But I was enjoying the goodness her pussy juice
bring and wasn’t ready to spank that as not until I make her cum and
lick that pussy dry. I got lost in Sandy’s glory land that I failed
to notice that Suzie now turned her head to face us and neither did
Sandy as she was too busy been pleasured by a man who truly appreciate
the fact that she’s alive. I could feel her body shaking
mercilessly and she sank her nails in my head, squeezing my face with
her big legs and start talking a different kind of language. “A
any moment,” I thought to my self and before I know it, she gave
a big bang sound, squirting loads of cum juice in my face. She got up
and position in the doggy style. Seeing that ass, nice and black I had
to kiss it before I stick it. I shove my dick in her pussy with my glow
in the dark condom. You could feel the tightening of her pussy wall
rub up against the condom. She was hot but I was on fire and want to
burn that ass with my blazing wood. She move forward there by indicating
that she was in pain. I slow down so we both can enjoy the happenings
and enjoying we were as she was saying like, “A dis yah Suzie a
get! A dis yah sweet hood she a brag bout!” I return the compliment,
telling her how sweet the pussy really is and that we gonna have to
fuck every chance we get. We fuck for about half an hour in a few different
style but the one I enjoy most is missionary. I felt her body as I lay
on top of her. My mind was straying, telling me to pull off the condom
and feel her heavenly bliss but I couldn’t risk it. We kissed passionately
as we both cum at the same moment. I couldn’t help but want to feel
the pussy and since I was rock hard for awhile I pull off my glow in
the dark condom and shove my shaft up her pussy, which receive my dick
with open hole. I lay there motionless on top of her enjoying the whole
body and then the worst happened.

Readers, you don’t believe when I said all this time dear Suzie wasn’t
sleeping? She wasn’t even drunk! She was playing me (us) all this time.
Sandy got up and went to the bathroom. I followed her thinking she may
need some assistant (smile). The moment we (Sandy and I) enter the bathroom
door, she Suzie sprang up like a wild lioness and slapped Sandy across
the face. I tried to hold her. When I did she kick Sandy and get away
from me. I ran after her as she ran after dear old Sandy. Sandy reached
for her clothes and head for the verandah as I manage to hold Suzie
despite her finger nails abusing my neck with craab and tearing off
my ganzie. I truly was protecting Sandy as she was heading down the
road in the wee hours of the morning running for her life. I manage
to calm Suzie down and take Sandy home.

I went to work in the morning and return home not to find Suzie as
she spend the night at my sister workplace and they both came home Sunday
to cuss my cheating ass. It really didn’t bother me much then as Sandy
got what she wanted and I got a taste of what good pussy is all about.
Sandy stuck to her mandate. One fuck was all she wanted and one fuck
it was, despite numerous tries from me. Suzie and I return back to our
loving ways and as for Sandy she went back to Jamaica and I didn’t see
her again. Suzie was great, she was a real woman (beauty with a purpose)
but Sandy was good in bed. This is just one of my many. Next time I
tell you about the pregnant girl I met at the .supermarket.


Initials withheld, York Town, Clarendon


If you’re going to take off the condom, what was the point
of wearing it in the first place? And where was your ‘woman’ during
all of this excitement? MG

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