Our Sexual Fantasy

Our Sexual Fantasy

Hi Marcus,

I am a 19 year old who has always read and wanted to write but your
replies to some of the confessions has scared me. My respects to you
and your staff. I am living in Portmore. I am involved with a Corporal
from Mandeville. When I met him I was practically a saint. Now I’m freakier
then he is. Our sex life is above average but his fantasy is like mine-
to have a threesome (mine with two man and his with two woman). So I
spoke with a friend of mine who graciously agreed. Weeks pass and nothing
happen until one day after work I made arrangement for us to meet and
after a ten-hour night shift he came home to a spring clean home with
two naked woman in the bedroom. Like a reflex action he grabbed me,
kissing me from sole to crown. I turned his attention to Tanya as she
was seemingly getting lonely and directed his head to her clit while
sucking on her breast and trying to relax her legs. She has never been
eaten before. He suck her until she was begging him to fuck her. I grabbed
the condom I brought and put it on his 9 _ inch dick. He teased her
a bit before sinking it in her hole but by Tanya’s reaction I was beginning
to wonder if he was fucking her better than he fucks me. He was giving
her backshot and she never hesitated to fling it up pon him. After what
seems like hours of ramming, jamming and sucking he finally came. I
started stroking his dick and kissing him. Boyfriend was still hard.
It was now my turn and I was determined to outdo Tanya, which I did.

After Tanya left we decided to take a shower, got back in the bedroom
and while in the*middle of a 69 I heard a knock on the door. Talk about
bad timing. After we both had an orgasm I decided to see who it was.
I opened the door to see a 90 degree smile. It was my boyfriend sexy
thug friend I wanted to fuck. With only my suspicion I invited him in,
called my man and got some clothes on. When I returned I heard chattering.
I quietly joined them thinking that they would tell me what it was.
Instead they both stared at me like I did something wrong. As I got
up I was pulled back by both men ravishing me the entire day and ohh,
being with Dillan made me apprecilove my man and realize that not all
the glitters is gold or even silver. So until next year when I’ll tell
you about my affair with my bishop/ principal, take care of ‘Mr. Nine’.

T.B.St. Catherine
Portmore Gardens,

Mr. Nine says that next time you are considering a threesome
to call him, but only if the third party is your girlfriend. (Him rude
een?) MG

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