Painful But Pleasurable Pt.2

Painful But Pleasurable Pt.2

Dear Marcus,

Greeting to you again. I told you I would have given you a next version
of my sex life. I am still talking about Ted. You must have read my
story and see how my fuck life is interesting. I am telling you Ted
satisfying me in every way he can. I made plans to be with him on Thursday
but I was too tired. Friday came -1 had to put him off again and when
I go to the market on Saturdays I can’t fuck Ted. You can’t be tired
if you are going to fuck Ted. So Sunday finally came. I called him and
he was vex but I know just how to make things right with him. I did
my house work, cook dinner, have a bath and head for Ted’s house. When
I got there he was just turning off the stove so he asked if I was hungry
and shared both of us dinner. We eat together, talked for awhile. He
pretended as if he wasn’t interested in the conversation. I was wearing
a wrap and a burgundy g-string. So I sat on the bed and open my legs
so he could see the hair around the pussy edge, he started to make trails
with his hand until he reached his destiny. He inserted his finger and
move it in and out. The next thing I knew he was kissing me like never
before. He ask me if I am ready for the three night fuck in one. I told
him yes. He strip me and himself. There we were radio and TV playing
at once. Any way he told me it is the usual pattern. Little did I know
that he would be adding extra minutes to the positions. He first start
out in the missionary position. That was about 10-15 minutes. The one
foot on the bed one on his shoulder, then both around his neck. When
him reach the ‘backas’ mi nearly dead! Ted fuck me till him cock buck.
Mi pussy a bun mi, mi belly deh hot mi, mi back a bun mi – den mi hear
Ted deh blow heavy. Mi sey alright, di fucka a go bruck now. Mi raas;
him just mean fi (start) fuck mi!

Mi tell him sey change position. Him pull mi to the edge of di bed
an have mi two foot in him hand. Mi sey him fuck mi sey (till) him sweat
a drown mi. A lucky ting him a nuh man whey frousy. Mi beg Ted fi mek
mi pussy cool off and him stop but it get worse when (him) start again.
Mi tell him fi lay dung pon mi belly. Him dweet fi bout 20 minutes.
Mi ask him if him nuh ready fi bruck yet. Him sey mek him fuck mi back
way and him wi come quick, so mi sey yes. Bombo-claat! When the hood
reach mi again mi start whine up fi him cum. Dat still neva work. Him
put mi back a the bed edge an fuck mi till me see di signal sey him
a cum. Yuh si when him finally reach? Mi dead. Mi sey him just throw
di towel pon mi and him flat pon him back. Den him roll over and hug
mi up and ask mi if mi love him. Mi sey love yuh fi fuck mi to death.
Him sey a it mek yuh nuffi tan so long fi gi mi di pussy. Mi just kiss
mi teeth. When mi try fi roll over mi caan move. When mi tell him, him
neva believe me suh till mi waan piss an piss pon di bed. When him try
fi pull mi up di pain worse. Di whola mi belly a drop out. Mi duh mek
it but pain would a kill me. Eye wata drop outa mi eye worse dan when
him when a fuck mi to death. Him sorry till sorry can explain, but me
tell him mi dun fuck wid him but him sey him not going to fuck me so
hard again so mi a wait fi di next fuck. So you can follow on my fuck
style and habits.

Initials withheld. Montego Bay, St. James

And you really believe him? Gal yuh fool so til! MG

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