Qualified but can’t get a job

Qualified but can’t get a job

Dear Pastor,

I am writing this letter to you about some problems I am have been facing. I am having a difficult time securing permanent employment. I was previously hired as an intern in a company for more than one year; however, I was not considered for permanent employment. I am not sure why, because my evaluation was good and I demonstrated a good work ethic. I was respectful to all persons I came across.

I am a 24-year-old Christian man and I left high school with 13 subjects – 10 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate and three Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination passes. I recently graduated from university with a bachelor’s degree in information technology and information systems. Despite my academic pursuits, I have an extremely hard time getting permanent employment in my area of expertise. I made sure to apply to other places long before my internship ended but I have not been fortunate to land a job.

I have tried to apply for a job with lesser requirement, but that is not working out for me. I have taken it upon myself to develop my career in my personal time because I do not have a lot of work experience. As a child growing up, I was always encouraged that I should do well in school and focus on my education. Now that I am a young adult, poverty seems to remember my address. I took student’s loan to fund my tertiary education. I was also assisted by a relative. I have never missed a loan repayment.

Seeing that I am without a job now, I do not know what I will do as I was trying my best to build up a good credit score. I am still living with my parents, but I do not enjoy their company as it has been causing me to not have any peace of mind for several years. Pastor, is there any way you can extend your assistance to me?



I do not know why you are finding it so difficult to get a job, but I want to tell you not to be discouraged. You should continue to seek a job and to pray that God will help you to find one. I also want to suggest that you put an ad in the Sunday Gleaner, stating your qualifications, and include your telephone number, and then trust the good Lord to help you.


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