Sandra Was The Best

Sandra Was The Best

Dear Marcus,

Hi, I noticed that the men are really doing their stuff, writing telling
their stories too. I like that. there seems to be lots of stories from
men now

I had a co-worker by the name of Sandra. We started working same time
and she actually had an eye on me from the first week we met. One day
in the second week she told me that her tongue on my clit would work
miracles. I pretended as if I didn’t hear but from then on she would
pass remarks when she comes close to me, touching me on my ass and breasts
sometimes. Eventually we became friends. Sandra told me that she have
a woman but would love to fuck me. I told her that women don’t turn
me on and that there’s no way she could ever fuck me and make me cum.
Sometimes after talking to her with her rubbing up against me caused
to me to get so horny but I would keep it to myself and pretend to not
feel anything. Sandra had me so weak but I acted as if I wasn’t interested.
But she kept begging me to suck my pussy.

Two months passed and she got so upset one night and asked why was
I making her suffer? One day I was going to use the bathroom and when
I was about to close the door she pushed it open, came inside and pinned
me to the wall. I gasped for breath and told her to get out before someone
came in. Sandra smiled said she didn’t care and that I must kiss her
first or she’s not leaving. No matter how I got upset and told her to
leave she wouldn’t. Then I heard someone came inside the bathroom so
I signaled her to be quiet. She insisted I kissed her so I quickly placed
my lips on hers and she kissed me deeply. She then started to touch
my breast and slide her hand under my skirt to feel my fatness. The
person left the bathroom but I allowed her to continue. Call me selfish
but as soon as I came I pushed her off and ran… laughing at her. She
came inside smiling and smelling her finger and whispered in my ears,
“You act like you don’t want me, yet look how wet you are.”
I said, “Whatever!”

Few evenings after, we left work and she asked if I could accompany
her to her house. I said no because I already knew what she was up to.
During our 4th month @ the company we were on the staff bus going in
on the evening shift. She was in the back seat and called me to come
sit beside her. I did and she pulled me closer and started to suck out
my tongue then pulled my pants and was working her fingers up my wet
cunt. Then she went down and tried to suck my pussy without pulling
the pants all the way down. See, everyone in the bus was busy talking
politics and laughing so no one noticed us. Oooh I like this girl! She
was so wild and crazy. Sandra sucked on my breasts and I wined on her
finger as she try to get full access of my warm cunt. She couldn’t believe
I came 2 times and like the bad person I am I stopped her and hurriedly
put myself back together before anyone noticed. The next couple of days
for Sandra was so miserable because she wanted to fuck me like crazy
and I kept promising her to give her some.

We were on the night shift for one week and one morning after work
I went to her brother house, (or so she said) with her to bring something
for him and help him out because he was sick. I went because I really
needed the time to get some sleep before I journeyed home. The house
was huge, so I had the chance to choose where I wanted to sleep. I made
acquaintances with her so-called bro, went to take a shower and fell
asleep in one of the bedrooms. I was awakened by Sandra mouth on my
pussy, licking my clit gently like a bad kitten stealing fish. I jumped
and stopped her. She said, “Why you holding back uh? What are you
afraid of and you know you want me to eat your fat pussy?” “Uh,
why you fighting your feelings Karlene,” she added, very upset.
“I’m not, I really don’t want you to,” I lied. “Stop
FUCKING LIE,” she shouted. I attempted to put my clothes on and
she pulled them away and pushed me on the bed and started sucking my
breasts. “Let me fuck your sweet, fatpussy, you won’t regret it,”
she said, almost sounding pitiful.
I didn’t answer. I just moaned for pleasure and held on to her head.
Sandra wasted no time. She licked my clit, inner thighs and sucked my
pussy like a pro. She didn’t need any instructions from me as she licked
me up and down, in and out, making me have climax after climax. I don’t
know how she does it, but I came more than 14 times that day and my
body felt dehydrated, as if I was well fucked by a man. It was amazing!

I haven’t had sex for over 4 months and that’s maybe the reason I was
so weak to her… Each time I cum it excites her so much to feel my
pussy muscles tighten on her fingers and I was there screaming like
a bitch. I recalled her saying, “But you nah get no fuck Karlene?
Yuh pussy sweet… fucccking sweeeet gal and mi ago fuck you all day!”
She sucked me in different positions for more than 3 hours and when
I was looking so drained she seem to have just started. After awhile
I asked her to stop, which she did reluc tantly and left and I went
to sleep.

Couple days passed and she kept asking me for more but I told her no.
Don’t know why I did because I wanted her so badly. She kept sending
me messages that it was the sweetest pussy she ever tasted and she wanted
more of my cum on he tongue. I sent her a message that I was scared
and didn’t want to get too caught up and she cursed and said that I
was acting childish (yes, you know who you are Sandra, if you ever read
this). No one NEVER ate me the way she did and I miss her every day.
We stopped talking because I refuse to give her what she wanted, because
she started passing remarks and curse me even when I don’t seem to be
in her way. Then my co-workers start to get suspicious and asking if
we are fucking. Well she quit the job and I never saw her again and
I hope to find someone who can make me feel the way she did one day.


No initials please….

By email.
Now you are a confused one. You like her, you enjoy what she
did, you are looking for someone like her and yet you run her. MG

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