Sister thinks my boyfriend is too dark-skinned

Sister thinks my boyfriend is too dark-skinned

Dear Pastor,

I am 20 years old and I have a concern. I have a boyfriend who is 23 years old. We became friends two years ago. I see him twice or so a week. I am in college, but I make time for him.

I used to have another guy, but I gave him up for this guy. Whenever I see my boyfriend we have sex, unless I am seeing my period. Since we started having sex he gives me money. I have never asked him for money. He said that this is his responsibility. Any time we are together we turn off our cell phones. He does not take calls and he does not want me to take calls. He grew up with his grandmother and he has taken me to meet her. She is a lovely senior citizen. She said that she hoped that she will live long enough to see us get married. I am of very light complexion and he is dark, and one of my sisters has questioned whether I love him. She didn’t expect me to have a boyfriend who is so dark.


Dear P.R.,

You love your dark-skinned boyfriend and that is what is so important. Both of you are going to get along just fine if both of you are going in the same direction. You are endeavouring to get an education. It is time for this ‘light complexion’ and ‘dark skin’ talk to come to an end. If you are happy with your boyfriend and he is happy with you, that is what is important.


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