Stepfather had his eyes on me

Stepfather had his eyes on me

Dear Pastor,

I have been having a problem from I was 15 years old. The man my mother is living with is always telling me I am a big girl so I can ‘look a man’. I am big in body and I have big breasts, but I am not ready for a man. One day he told me that I ‘full his eyes’, but he knew that if he troubled me, I would talk and he would get himself into trouble with my mother. I told him yes, I would talk. He told me he had a friend who asked him to give me to him, and this friend would take care of me. He asked me not to tell my mother.

My mother depends on me to do lots of things in the house. One day I was cleaning and I had on my shorts. This man came and touched me on my bottom and told me that I am turning him on by wearing shorts in the house. I told my mother what he did and he denied it, and my mother believed what he said. So I went out and I got involved with a man who lives with his grandmother and sister; his grandmother loves me. She runs a shop and I assist her in the shop. My boyfriend treats me well, and he buys everything I need.

I hate the man my mother is living with. I am 17 years old and I want to go to HEART.


Dear L.,

It is very unfortunate that your mother did not believe you when you complained to her about your stepfather. She should have rebuked and warned him that she would report him to the police if he tried to sexually assault you again.

This man had no respect for himself or you, and if you were a simple girl, you would have fallen for him or for the man he was encouraging you to be intimate with. This man and your mother literally forced you out of their home and caused you to be involved with a man. On the other hand, I am glad you are comfortable where you are. I hope you will indeed try to educate yourself, so please contact HEART and they will give you the guidance you need. I wish you well.


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