Sucking Expert

Sucking Expert

Dear Marcus,

I am a 25-year-old girl, tall, have a nice shape and dark complexion.
This is my first letter to you. I just love reading your magazine. My
first suck was in 1998 while I was working at a massage centre in Kingston.
I was there massaging this man when he tell me he wanted to eat me.
I started to wonder what he was talking about so I asked, “What
do you mean by that? He said he wanted to suck my pussy. I was frightened.
I said, “Are you crazy?” He said, “You never have your
pussy suck before?” I said, “No!” He said, You want to
try it?” I was a bit nervous at first, but I actually said yes
and he started to kiss me from head to navel and then started over again,
this time slower. He then proceeded to my nipples and gently bit them.
Oh God, he was good. He trailed his tongue to my navel. He blew in it
and sucked it. It gave me the jitters feeling his tongue over my body.
Then he parted my legs and began sucking my fat pussy. He started licking
my clit. Bwoy it feel so damn good so I started to
wine. He was an expert when it came to sucking pussy. He sucked my pussy
lips and finger fucked me. I never felt anything like this before. I
started breathing real heavy and telling him not to stop. I could say
I cum about three times and he lick me dry. That man had me moaning
and groaning for pleasure the whole time.

His time was almost up so I begged him to stop, but when he stopped
I wanted him to continue sucking me. I was confused. However we get
ourselves cleaned up. When he was leaving he gave me his number and
said that whenever I wanted my pussy to suck I must give him a call.
I call him many times after that and it gets more and more excited.
He also give my pussy a name. Whenever I call him he would ask how is
fluffy or, is fluffy o.k. We even set up a threesome, but no matter
what I will never forget my first suck.


St. Catherine

So THAT’S what goes on in those places! MG

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