The Sunday School Teacher

The Sunday School Teacher

Dear Marcus,

Congrats on the good you are doing for horny Jamaicans and married
women neighbors. I am twenty years old and I love to fuck and suck a
good pussy, especially married women. My fucking spree with my neighbor’s
wife started six months ago. I was sweeping my balcony and I decided
to take a peek over the wall to get a look at B my neighbour’s wife
who always come out in her underwear and blouse, and behold the sight
when she bent! To my surprise, the married Sunday School teacher was
behind a black tank fingering herself and reading a confessions issue.
I put the broom down, climb over the wall and jumped down, startling
her so much she nearly fainted. I calmly asked her, “B, what a
married woman like you a finger far?” She turned around and tried
to escape around the tank. I quickly held her hand and look into her
eyes and said, “What you need is a real man to fuck out your fat
pussy and suck you until you faint.” To my surprise she turn to
me and asked me if I was that guy. I told her yes and without checking
if their neighbours were looking, she pushed her finger in her pussy
and she shoved it in my mouth. I licked it off while staring in her

She held me by my pants front and led me to her room, taking care to
lock the doors. I asked where her husband was and she told me he left
for Kingston. I take off her blouse and sucked on her stiff breasts
while she licked my ears and neck. I moved to her navel then down to
her shaved, fresh, fat pussy and buried my tongue, lapping up her love
juice. She held on to my head and whine in my face and I sank my tongue
deeper while squeezing her buttocks. I then climbed up to her face and
told her to suck my dick. She hesitated and I encouraged her by squeezing
her tits and stucking my big toe in her wet cunt. She took my red-hot
dick into her mouth and sucked and licked it like a popsicle until I
come in her mouth.

I went back to sucking her breasts and she stroked my dick, begging
me to fuck her. She gave me a long love and I propped up her ass on
her pillow and she spread her legs. I sank my dick into her fat pussy
until her eyes bulged and she started to whine under me. I fucked the
pussy until she came and then I turned and fucked her doggy style. She
started to talk dirty, telling me to fuck her until her husband heard
her screams. I spanked her ass and turned my cock side ways in the pussy
and rammed it deeper. She jumped off the bed holding her belly bottom.
I pulled her back down and told her to ride me and she planted herself
on my dick and she swayed from side to side, whining on my dick. As
I was about to cum I turned her over and fucked her harder until I bust
off a cum. When I came she snapped off the condom and started to suck
my dick, swallowing all my juice. I sucked her again until she cum and
we laid speechless for five minutes. I got up put on my clothes and
suck her again and kissed her, letting her taste her cum and then slipped
out the back and scampered over the wall.

Now she calls me whenever idiot pastor leaves and we fuck and suck
each other’s brains out. They now have a maid living with them who look
real good and the wife wants me to fuck them both.

M.B Westmoreland

Thank you for giving me another reason to feel guilty for publishing

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